29/12/2014 Bargain of the Day!

‘I think I’m slightly impulsive, sometimes organised and always in search of a bargain!’ – Lisa Snowdon

I took the plunge yesterday and ventured into the centre of Newcastle to do some sales shopping. I’ve always been a charity shop fan and some of my favourite clothes I’ve bought second-hand either in charity shops or from eBay, I have never had a problem with the concept of ‘pre-loved’. I’d never really noticed before, but it seems that even charity shops do January sales these days, which is great, considering the clothes are dirt cheap to begin with (even if you do have to riffle through rails of stained old rubbish before you find a gem)

And yesterday, find a gem I did, in the shape of this Levi’s denim pencil dress for a princely sum of……(wait for it)…….£4 (about $6). What gave me even more serious heart palpitations was that it actually fit!

20141230_135256 20141230_135309


Roll on the summer so I can wear it!

2 thoughts on “29/12/2014 Bargain of the Day!

  1. Great find! I’m already accessorizing it in my head and wishing it was mine. Maybe it’s because I’m a Texan but I absolutely love denim. Here you can wear it casual or dressy and no one bats an eye.

    1. Thanks Meg! I was overjoyed when I found it, I don’t wear much denim aside from jeans but trying to be more adventurous! I agree this could be dressed up or down – so many options!

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