Rad. clothing review

When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is’ – Afrika Bambaataa
Anyone who reads my Twitter feed regularly will know I have two constant obsessions in my life; clothes and song lyrics

So imagine the squeal of delight when I found out that this small French t-shirt company started trading in the UK. They’re called Rad. and they’ve been on my radar for a couple of months after seeing their stuff on Twitter but they only ever shipped to France and the US until recently.

Levels of excitement that can only be described as medically unsafe ensued and with one of my best friend Meagan (@upsidemeagan)’s shopping motos in my head (‘Ask yourself, can you live without this?’) with two clicks of a mouse, 2 t-shirts were in my basket. The answer was simple, I couldn’t live without these t-shirts in my life!

The two styles I went for were the American Boy and the Persistence of Ms Jackson both by Fly Art and priced at £19.95 each they’re not the cheapest things in the world (especially if you’re  Primark and New Look regular like me) but it’s also not extortionate, especially if you get free delivery like I did, which is something they seem to offer quite often. Both songs (American Boy by Estelle & Kanye West and Ms Jackson by Outkast) are songs that are on constant repeat in my ears so couldn’t wait for them to arrive!


124126_flyart_persistenceofmsjackson_sols11500_blanc 20150107_081317

As you can see from the pictures they’re pretty true to how they look online and the material is really good quality cotton. They’ve both washed very well, the white has stayed crisp white and the logo hasn’t faded at all. All the sizes come in unisex sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large (see size chart below for reference). I’m on average an UK size 12/14 and ordered the Small, which fits me the way I like it (not too baggy; form-fitting). As the sizes are unisex the sleeves aren’t capped as most womens t-shirts are, so come up a little long but I just roll up the hems to make them look a bit more feminine!


 I’m already planning my next couple of purchases as soon as I get paid (‘Raised on Champagne’ and ‘Friends 2’) I have a feeling I may well own the entire website by the summer!

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