Reality TV Bears no Relation to Intelligence

‘With reality TV, sometimes it’s amazing chemistry and you get these gems that turn out to be everything you hoped, and the camera loves them and they just blossom on the show. And then sometimes it’s not all you envision’ Alison Sweeney

I have┬ánot one iota of shame in admitting that I am a Reality TV addict. I watch it all; Big Brother, X-Factor, I’m a Celeb, The Challenge, The Real World, even the reality series about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader recruitment process on ITVBe. Yet somehow, somewhere along the line (actually not along the line, on social media) the fact that I love reality TV somehow makes me less intelligent than people who don’t watch it.


So how does that work then? To me, it’s nothing but new age snobbery. If you choose to spend your down time reading Chaucer and watching the history channel, then more power to you, I don’t judge you for that in the slightest, but that doesn’t make you better than me, and it doesn’t make you more intelligent than me.


What people don’t seem to realise, or don’t seem to think about, is that the reality TV I watch is a small part of the person I am. I’m very successful in my career (so much so that I actually earn more money than a lot of my friends who went to university – not that it’s about money at all, just proving a point to the snobs who do find that kind of thing important), I work very hard, I exercise daily, I’ve visited more countries than most people my age and have a keen interest in psychology and criminology. I love Louis Theroux and history documentaries yet somehow because I also like to watch 10 C list celebrities in a house, that makes me an ill rounded person.

Also, there’s a point to be made, that the people who do so venomously berate people on social media because they like reality TV, have such full and wholesome lives that they have time to berate people on social media because they like reality TV – just think about that for a second…


For every person who like reality TV there will always been some pompous dickhead to counter balance it and argue that it’s the demise of human society and we’re all doomed blah blah blah. Screw them, if you want to watch an 80’s popstar choke on a kangaroo bollock because you need an hour of mindless escapism then you go for it, and tweet and Facebook about how much you love it as much as possible, because nothing is more satisfying in life than pissing off a pretentious smarty pants!

Don’t even get me started on spelling and grammar nazis…..

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