Makeup storage ideas

‘The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate’ – Alexis Stewart

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a hoarder but the older i get the more stuff I seem to accumulate and over the last few years I’ve really gotten in make up; taking more of an interest in what I put on my face and trying out different tips and tricks thanks to all the information and tutorials that are now available on the internet.

One thing I’ve been struggling with my make up enthusiasm is where the heckers to put it all. I used to have a cute little Cath Kidston make up bag which I still use when I travel, but it’s white, and got grubby really easily, plus it was starting to really overflow.

So I then went on a mission to my local Poundstretcher and picked up this wicker basket for about £4, seemed ideal, was much bigger than the make up bag and looked nice on my dressing table right? Wrong! Couple of problems cropped up; it stinks! Wicker is not a pleasant smell! So I tried dousing it in perfume (which didn’t really work) and now all my eye shadow smells. Also, see those holes at the side? Yeah, they’re perfect for lipsticks and concealers to go flying through. Half my make up now lives on the floor.


Time for a rethink! I spoke to my friend who’s a beauty blogger ( and she recommended looking at some drawers on ebay, so I did a quick search and found these beauties for the princely sum of £4.49 (plus £1.99 p&P). They come in white, pink or blue. I went for pink, because, you know, I’m a chick:


They’ve been an absolute godsend since they arrived a few days after ordering. I’ve put brushes and hair slides in the very top, face related products in the top drawer (eye cream, primer, foundation, concealer etc) eye stuff in the middle (mascara, eyeliner, shadows etc) and lips in the bottom.

It’s transformed by dressing table from this:


To this:


Ok, so it still looks pretty cluttered but keeping my make up out the way has really helped. Now all I need to do is find some storage for all those lotions and potions. Now tackling my shoes and jewellery? That’s a different story!

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