Scissor Happy Sally: My Unhappy Haircut

‘The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks’ – My Mum

One of my new years resolutions every year is to try and learn a new language. However today at my local hair salon I learnt that I actually needn’t bother with that resolution as I clearly speak a foreign language already. A language were the phrase ‘I’m growing it, so please just a trim on the ends’ translates to ‘please hack a new layer and completely restyle it’!
So my hair has gone from this:
To this
Today marked a first for me as it’s the first time I’ve ever gone back to my hairdressers because I’ve been so unhappy (I normally just bitch and moan at home, grow it our and swear never to go back again!) At first it looked like two different haircuts, long at the bottom and short on top; a mullet if you will. At the end of the day I paid £65 for the cut and highlights (which I love btw) that I don’t think I should be that unhappy with it. She was fine about it (what she said about me after I left is anyone’s guess). She thinned out the top layer a ton so it’s loads better but I still I don’t like the short layer over my ear and now there’s less weight on the underneath I’m worried it will flick out. Any girl who’s trying to grow her hair out will testify that the dreaded ‘flicking out’ stage is a nightmare.

So I know it’s not totally drastically different, and it’s not a bad haircut by any means. Putting everything into perspective I know there are women out there who for whatever reason would love to have my hair (in either picture) and it will grow pretty quickly. What really annoys me the most is that it’s simply not what I asked for. Speaking to some of my girlfriends and it seems like everyone has come across a Scissor Happy Sally a few times in their lives so it’s nice to know I’m not alone and sounds like it’s just a rite of passage I need to go through as a woman! Thank heavens we’ve just had a flurry of snow and it’s still hat season!

Now where’s that link to those vitamins that make your hair grow quickly…..

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