The Sweet Smell of My Teenage Years

‘A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting’ – Christian Dior
Ever since I could remember I’ve been on a constant search for my own perfect smell. Perfume always seems to smell amazing on other people, but I’ve never seemed to be able to find something I’m in love with and that I think is totally ‘me’.


When I was 16 I got the Natural Reactions set from Avon (now discontinued) and totally fell in love with them, especially ‘In the Clouds’. That, and a perfume that the clothing shop Oasis used to do (also discontinued) have been the closest thing I’ve ever been able to find to a smell I think suits me. So imagine my delight to find the entire Natural Reactions set, unused and on ebay for only £15! I swiftly purchased and when they arrived, they smell exactly how I remember them.
In order of least favourite to favourite they are:

20150213_144306 Fired Up – Definitely my least favourite of the 4 (although its still a nice smell) so tend to  use this first and save the  other ones for special occasions, it’s a little on the spicy side for  me, it also seems to be the  most readily available on ebay so I’m guessing most other  people  feel the same as me! It’s more winter and evening appropriate as it’s quite musky, I  think it would be quite heavy for work. Nice for anyone who likes exotic, warm fragrances  though.

20150213_144210 Earth Walk – I’m undecided on this one, sometimes I love and it sometimes I’m not overly  keen. It’s very earthy, dry and woody as the name suggests. Again probably better in the  winter,  it doesn’t have that ‘fresh’ and ‘clean’ smells that I tend to gravitate towards. It’s  good for  work and works very well as a day-to-night perfume.

20150213_144241 Still Waters – This is way more up my street, it reminds me of a perfume GAP used to do  called GAP Blue and is really clean and fresh. Perfect for any time of year really but  definitely more of a day time scent.

20150213_144143 In The Clouds – My all time fave! I was so pleased when this one dropped through the  letterbox and as soon as i sniffed it i was 16 again. It’s very light, fresh, flowery and sweet,  it’s ideal for summer and during the day. It’s such a shame that it’s discontinued because i  think this would be my signature smell were it more readily available. I’ll without a doubt  be using it sparingly to try to make it last as long as possible!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for these on ebay but with them being discontinued in the late 90’s (and can’t seem to find anything by Avon that they were replaced by) I may have to start my fragrance search all over again and accept I’m not 16 any more!


  1. leydis
    December 15, 2015 / 10:01 pm

    te entiendo perfectamente, yo amaba estos perfumes en mi adolescencia y definitivamente nunca lo volví a oler o algo parcecido. Me robaba la calma el celeste y rosa

  2. April 23, 2016 / 10:09 pm

    Still waters was my favourite perfume when I was about 14 It was bought back then n reminded me of swimming day tripd and school days has a gorge scent to it
    Wish I could have this I’d buy soooo many bottles was one of my all time favourite but sadly it’s discontinued

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