February 2015 Very.co.uk Haul

‘I’m a pretty big clothes horse. I shop for clothes constantly. I do so much shopping. I should go to Shoppers Anonymous’ – Tiffani Thiessen

Since changing jobs a few years ago and no longer working in the centre of town, the amount of clothes shopping I do on the internet has increased by about 300%! I find there are pros and cons with internet shopping, I think the discounts are bigger than in store, and you can more often than not spread the cost over a few months, but of course, you can’t try anything on. I’ve gotten pretty good over the last few years knowing what suits me and what doesn’t and what size I am in particular shops. I’d been off work poorly last week, and a discount code for Very.co.uk popped into my inbox so I had a shifty to see if any of the items on my wish list where in the sale, and lo and behold, they were!

Here’s what I ordered, and how they look on:

Rochelle Humes Contrast Strap Bodycon Dress – £29.50
rochelle-humes-forvery-contrast-strap-bodycon-dress 20150226_204937 20150226_205025
Rochelle Humes Animal Print Scuba Skirt – £11
TFNC Staley Cullotte Jumpsuit– £21
image1xl 20150226_213556

Apart from a slight hiccup with the leopard print skirt, where they sent me  the top instead, i was very impressed with Very.co.uk’s speedy delivery  (ordered on the Saturday, arrived on the Monday), and their customer service  when they sent me the wrong item was excellent. I’m dead pleased with how  everything looks on and is true to size and photos on the website. I just need to  find some occasions to wear it all now!


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