Stealing Style from the Rich and Famous

‘Style is when they’re running you out of town and you make it look like you’re leading the parade.’ – William Battie

I have spent years of my life trying to convince myself of certain things; that I will one day marry Mark Owen from Take That, that my hair looks good in anything other than a short graduated bob, that skinny jeans work on my thunderous thighs.

As you get older, it slowly starts to dawn on you that you need to accept certain inalienable truths; I will never marry Mark Owen from Take That (I have a very lovely husband of my own thanks very much), short graduated bobs are VERY stylish and there are plenty of other styles of jeans that suit my massive arse perfectly fine.

Whereas I wouldn’t say I have a distinct ‘style’ per se, I’ve grown to know what does and doesn’t suit me, and with that information I’m able to work with what I have (or, if we’re taking boobs, don’t have). I’m also better at spotting what celebrity style would suit me. I’ve a slight affinity from Amy Childs’ collection of dresses as they seem geared towards women who are bottom heavy, I have a couple of dresses of hers which I always get great complements on when I where.

One of my other style crushes at the moment is Kimberley Walsh. She’s the same age as me and always looks impeccably turned out. The clothes she wears always seeming accessible and quite high street orientated. I saw this picture of her recently in this Top Shop dress and it inspired me:


I have a similar stretchy bodycon dress I got off ebay over the summer from Select and I had in my head that I would only be able to wear it in the summer on the beach with some flip flops. Seeing this picture has inspired me to turn what I thought was strictly ‘summer only’ to an ‘autumn/winter’ drinks with friends outfit but teaming it up with a biker jacket and some black heels.


It just goes to show that there are always alternatives out there to wearing your favourite things out of season, you sometimes just need a point in the right direction and hey, if it’s an excuse to buy a new biker jacket, that’s gotta be a good thing right?!

Jacket is from Matalan and a similar style can be found here

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