Can blondes wear leopard print?

‘My weakness is wearing too much leopard print’ – Jackie Collins

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with prints. I usually very much stick to plain block colours which I can accessorise with a scarf or some jewllery, and any prints I did magpie towards would always be stripes or hearts.
I’d been of the assumption that any type of animal print was tarty (visions of Mel B and Kat Slater circa 1996 spring to mind) and mix that with being naturally platinum blonde, I was afraid of looking like Bet Lynch. It helps that over recent years it seems to have come into fashion, so much more accessible and a lot of the prints are more subtle than they used to be, making it classier and less garish.

My personal introduction to leopard print started in 2010 with a Red Herring dress which I bought to wear on a girls trip to New York. it was subtle colours, it was in the sale, and I would be wearing it in a country where no one knew me.

I got so many compliments on it I decided to be a bit braver and branched out on this chiffon blouse from Primark. However I would still only wear it with black jeans and a cardigan, totally toned down.


Again as the compliments flowed by confidence grew. if styled the right way it can look really cool and gives a funky modern twist to any outfit instead of playing it safe with block colours all the time. I also think it works really well with blonde hair as long as it’s not overdone. I have now come to accept that leopard print is a staple I’m more than happy to have in my wardrobe.

Clothes Featured
1. Leopard Print Dress – Red Herring
2. Leopard Print Top – Primark
3. Black Bootcut Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
4. Black Bubble Hem Top – River Island
5. Leopard Print Pencil Skirt – Rochelle Humes @ (sold out)
6. Black Suede Mary Janes –┬áJohn Rocha
7. Leopard Print Raglan Jumper – Primark
8. Black Bootcut Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (as above)
9. Leopard Print Umbrella – Sports Direct

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