10 of the Best: More Brilliant Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

You can never stop discovering music’ – Rashida Jones

Since doing my last blog post about unheard tracks i found myself discovering a load more on my ipod i wish i’d included more, so like any great ‘best ever’ compilation, here’s the sequel!

1. The K.G.B – I’m A Player

Unless you were an eagle-eared watcher of the very first episode of the very first season on The O.C (and that’s probably the only episode I ever saw) then you probably will never have heard this song from Oakland funksters The K.B.G. From checking out their Wiki page it doesn’t look like they really did much before or since so getting this track on a soundtrack was probably  a pretty big deal for them. Shame, It’s a great summer song and (fact fans) was on the first ever mix tape I ever did for my first car. Pimpin.

2. Bachelor Girl – I’m Just A Girl

If Pink and Savage Garden had a musical baby it would be Bachelor Girl. First discovered on holiday in Australia where they had most, if not all of their success. I since bought all of their albums which, if i’m honest are patchy (their song Blown Away is also worth a listen) but this song is such a catchy piece of girl power pop it’s hard not to love. I think it probably would have done really well if it had been released elsewhere or gotten on one of those ‘All Women’ CDs you buy for you mum on Mother’s Day. It’s just a shame the video is a bit shit.

3. Darden Smith – Satellite

Darden is a Texan singer/songwriter and is very much unknown in the UK. He came to my attention via my dad’s insanely obscure music taste and this song from his 2002 album Sunflower. If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for it’s a song that sounds like it should be on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack. It’s got a really chilled laid back Americana feel (imagine Coldplay but good) and his voice is so smooth it almost distracts from the melancholic lyrics. If I could play guitar, sing, or have any musical ability whatsoever, I would sing this song at open mic nights up and down the country for the rest of my life.

4. Verbalicious – Next Big Me

Before she was Natalia Kills and getting kicked off the New Zealand X-Factor for being a big old meanie she was Verbalicious and had a top 20 UK hit with Don’t Play Nice (which I loved). This was her follow up single which failed to chart but was equally as good in my opinion as she was much more likable when she was doing the cheeky mockney rap thing than the taking herself way too seriously thing. Much like the Louchie Lou & Michie One track in my last similar post so rare is it I’ve had to upload it myself. So download it, and get it on your summer BBQ playlist!

5. Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got til It’s Gone

When you grow up on a mainland Europe army base you spend a lot of time in the car travelling back and forth to England. Those car journeys were made infinitely better by my dad’s aforementioned amazing taste in music. This has been a firm ‘car classic’ in our family for years and i t’s one of those songs that you know instantly you’re going to love it from hearing the first few bars for the first time. It’s an 80’s power ballad to make Bonnie Tyler hang up her vocal chords with cheesy video to match, although let’s be honest, what’s an 80’s music video without a mulleted dude playing a piano on the edge of a cliff, I ask you?!

6. Veronicas – Born Bob Dylan

Although they only ever really made waves in the UK charts with Untouched, I get the impression the Veronicas are actually doing ok for themselves worldwide and they’re head and shoulders above acts like Haim and Tegan & Sara. My dad (he’s cropping up alot today isn’t he?!) is a massive Bob Dylan fan and i found this song whilst searching for a lyric to tweet as my #lyricoftheday for his birthday. What a happy accident that it actually happens to be a great song as well. Taken fro their 2014 self titled album i’d be amazed if they didn’t release it as a single it’s such a strong song, fingers crossed for some more exposure in the UK.

7. Jason Downs – White Boy With A Feather

‘Who’s the White boy over there with a feather in his hair and no underwear?’ Come on, is that not a great lyric? This was released in the UK in 2001 and reached number 19 in the charts. It probably entered my consciousness because it was a time in my life where I worked in a pub and night and subsequently spent my days watching The Box while everyone else was at work. I seem to remember the video was on high rotation back then. I always love song that’s not always the same old drivel about love and heartbreak and Jason’s Cherokee roots mixed with rapper Milk’s urban style makes for a great quirky pop song!

8. Childish Gambino – Fire Fly

Although I consider Childish Gambino’s 2011 album Camp to be very much ‘all killer, no filler’ this is probably one of my favourite tracks from it.  It’s one of the lesser aggressive ones on the album and reminds me old old school hip hop groups like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest. It’s probably the poppiest thing he’s done if it’s not too sacrilege to say. His raps are witty and melodic about his rise to fame and the hook is infectious, another one for the summer bbq playlist.  His second album, while still good is a lot more experimental than Camp and this song is a great introduction to this guy’s brilliance!

9. Backstreet Boys – Feels Like Home

I couldn’t have a top ten without my fave boys now could I?! Taken from their 2013 In A World Like This album, which I’ve always said has been a grower on me this if by far the stand out track. In my humble opinion the boys have a long history of picking the wrong songs to release as singles leaving some uncovered gems as overlooked album tracks. It’s a decent thanks to their fans without being total fromage like ‘The Perfect Fan’ from Millennium, nice to hear Kevin and Howie taking more leads on vocals and it just puts a smile on my blonde freckled face.

10. Sinead O’Connor – Jealous

Remember that Dawson’s Creek theory I mentioned above? That’show i discovered this song! Sinead’s a funny one because she’s mega famous but only had one real massive hit. This song is from her 2000 album Faith and Courage (and Dawson’;s Creek season 3 episode 22) and is a beautiful ballad co-written with Dave Stewart.  It’s about a failed relationship and one half being jealous that the other had moved on. The melody is simple and understated and the vocals are haunting, she’s clearly a woman with a gift for expressing pain through her voice. She looks freakin stunning in the video as well!

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