My Top 3 Pet Peeves – 30 Day Writing Challenge #3

‘I don’t have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation’ –¬†Whoopi Goldberg
Only 3?! Therein lies the challenge for today’s post as there is a multitude of things that really REALLY nibble my nads. I’ve tried to narrow it down and focus on things that have been particularly annoying me recently:

1. Business Speak

My Office is rife with business jargon which is essentially all bollocks. Close of play, hard and soft copies, starter for 10’s and talking things offline are particular favourites and it makes me cringe on a daily basis. Why can’t people just say what they mean?! Why can’t you just say ‘by the end of the day’ or ‘can you email it to me?’ or ‘shall we catch up later’. I saw these great badges the other day that said ‘I just survived a meeting that could have been done via email’ which made me laugh, I would suggest getting some at work but I’d probably be told to run it up the flagpole and see who salutes first.

2. Spreadable Butter that’s actually unspreadable
Seriously, how haven’t trading standards gotten involved in this? Far be it for me to be a grass but the brand with the trombone playing dickhead is the worse culprit. I love butter and I honestly don’t mind if I have to leave it out for a few hours before I need to use it. But don’t lure me into a false sense of security thinking i’m safe to use it straight from the fridge and then turn out to be a steaming hotpot of lies and make my sandwich look like this:

3. People who don’t have pictures of themselves as their Facebook profile picture
Unless it’s some kind of charity thing, which is different, I can’t abide it when people have pictures of their kids, or their cats, or their beloved garden hose as their profile picture, seriously, it’s YOUR page, I want to see YOU!! Now, i’m a reasonable gal, totally acceptable if you’re in the picture with your kids, or your cats or your hose, at least you’re there too. If it’s because you don’t want people you work with,your ex or the police to find you then just change your privacy settings, come on people, show your faces!!

I think I need to go for a run now to calm down…

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