5 Places I Want To Visit – 30 Day Writing Challenge #5

‘Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes.’ – Robin Leach

It’s the classic pub question; if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? It used to be NewYork, until I went, in 2001, then it was Australia, until I went on 2003. I’ve been very lucky, and been able to travel to some amazing places. The more I travel though the more I want to travel and when I think if where I’d like to go next, I find myself thinking more of things I’d like to see rather than places I’d like to go, so here’s my top 5 places I’d like to see (in no particular order):

1. Red Square and the Kremlin in Russia

I grew up in main land Europe, so I’ve seen a fair few Squares in my time. Red Square in Russia though always struck me as ‘must see square’ with architecture and history unlike any other I’ve seen before. I always happen to think I’d look pretty cute in one of those Russian hats.

2. Victoria Falls
 You’d think having seen Niagara Falls (2001) that no other water fall would come close, but Vistoria Falls is distinctLy higher than Niagara, so I reckon just as spectacular but in a different way. The sense of adventure in me would also love to take a dip in the Devil’s Pool at the top as well, for the selfie op if nothing else!

3. Tokyo

I’m very much a town mouth rather than a country mouse and I love big cities. Tokyo has always been on my list of places to visit simply because it just looks so cool in a New York find of way but with a completely different culture. I’m an absolute sucker for sushi and karaoke as well!

4. Canadian Rockies

Doesn’t fit in with the city slicker in me I’ll admit but since my friend Callum’s photography took off (he works for Freelance and has appeared in National Geographic) I’ve been blown away by some of the landscapes western Canada has to offer. Add Tim Horton’s donuts into the mix and it sounds like a dream holiday!

5. Christ the Redeemer in Rio

I’m not a particularly religious person but you have to admit there’s something awe-Inspiring about this statue especially when you see pictures of it at sunset or at night, it looks extremely atmospheric and grand. I reckon being there would invoke some kind of spirituality in even the most hard nosed of atheists.

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