Something I Struggle With – 30 Day Writing Challenge #8

”I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood’ – Jim Wern

it would be really easy to sit here and write something wanky about how I struggle with trusting other women or confidence or knowing how I fit in the world but I feel like I do that quite a lot already so thought I would keep this one lighthearted.

My name’s Helen and I have a deep rooted inability to be tidy. I’ve always been that way and believe me when I say I’ve tried to be tidier. I just can’t do it. The older I get the less bothered I am about the fact that I’m messy. I mean, I know it doesn’t look particularly good and I totally get why parents try and teach their children to keep their rooms straight. Jon Richardson once did a comedy sketch about how people are always either ‘leavers’ or ‘putters’ ie you either leave something somewhere or you put something somewhere. I am most definitely a leaver. I’ll use something and put it down somewhere because I get distracted or I’m in the middle of doing two things at once with the full intention of putting it back again at some point, but then I forget. And I don’t do it on purpose. I don’t put something somewhere and consciously think ‘someone else will tidy that up’ I just get distracted.

One thing I’ve found through my years of being a messy pup is that tidy people are SO self righteous! I get it’s probably frustrating but honestly, is it the worse thing in the world? Ok so I leave my dishes In the sink a bit longer than the average person, does that make me a monster? My mind works better in organised chaos, it’s how I am and I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that some of the most creative minds in history were probably guilty of leaving a towel on the floor once in a while. My point is, tidy people make out messy people to be worse human beings than they actually are and I feel it detracts from all the other amazing things that I am!

So, in a sense, it is something I struggle with, because for the sake of a quiet life, I do honestly try my best to be tidier but life’s too short to running around tidying all the time so I’m learning to be messy and proud!

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