5 Blessings – 30 Day Writing Challenge #12

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m not particularly religious so don’t really feel qualified enough to comment on blessings in that sense but what I will talk about is 5 people who i feel really lucky to have in my life (and i guess you could say are blessings in themselves!)

1. Dave


We first met when I was about 10 years old and he was one of my brother’s best friends. Fast forward a few years and we got together when I was 21 and have been together over 11 years (married for 2) and he’s genuinely my best friend. He looks after me, cooks for me, makes me laugh,motivates me and makes the best Cosmopolitan you’ve ever tasted! A keeper without a doubt!

2. Mum and Dad
As far as parents go you couldn’t ask for better than mine. Growing up they were pretty cool with me and my brother, we never really had ,many rules. They trusted us to make the right choices and in return for their leniency we never took the piss too much. They’re great for advice and always offer me their honesty in a caring way but also still kick my bum when I need it.

3. Gary
My big brother and I have always been close since we were kids and bonded over our loves for Bon Jovi and  Sonic the Hedgehog. Although we don’t speak daily, he’s always on hand to offer is own unique brand of brotherly advice. Him and his wife Ruth are great friends to me and Dave and I will always have him to thank for introducing me to the love of my life.

4. Angela
We’ve been best friends since we were 16 and she’s the closest thing I have to a sister. We met in A Level geography and gravitated towards each other over a love for Destiny’s Child and greasy Chinese food. We’ve always had one of those relationships that people often comment that we go off into a world of our own and have our own secret language. We’ve been through a lot together and even though we’re now both in our 30’s, we still laugh like we’re 16 when we get together!

5. Steph
Although we went to school together Steph and I were never friends. We were never not friends – we just didn’t run in the same circles. It wasn’t until we ended up working in the same office together in 2008 that we realised how much we have in common and over the last few years in particular have become close over multiple shopping trips (often with added cake and wine) a strong foundation for any friendship i’m sure you’ll agree!

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