30 Facts About Me – 30 Day Writing Challenge #18

Get the facts first, then you can distort them as you please’ – Mark Twain

There’s a psychological theory that says if someone if pointing a gun at you, if you tell them 5 things about yourself, they develop whats called sudden empathy and are 70% less likely to shoot you. So here’s 30 things about me, which hopefully means anyone reading this is now 6 times less likely to pull the trigger.

1. I was born at 4.10 in the morning
2. My dad still managed to play in a cricket match the day I was born (because otherwise they would have been a man down)
3. I tell people I’m 5’5 (and a half) but i’m actually only 5’4
4. I’m obsessed with reality TV
5. The first single i ever bought was I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue
6. I have a cows lick in my fringe from where a girl (accidentally) bit me on the head when I was about 5 and they had to cut my hair to put butterfly stitches in.
7. I have a faint scar running all the way down my left cheek from where the same girl (accidentally) scratched me
8. I grew up on an army base where I went to an International school hence why my spelling is atrocious but nowledge of Europeen geographie is spot on
9. My natural reaction to pretty much anything whether it me happy, sad, annoying, frustrating, angry etc is to cry.
10. I own two items of monogrammed clothing (a jumper and a necklace with an H on) and twice when i’ve worn them two different strangers have assumed my name to be Hayley.
11. Me and my best friend Ang can lip sync battle amazingly well to Survivor by Destiny’s Child (ad libs and all)
12. I once got so drunk on Bacardi in Zante I thought it would be a good idea to show off that I can do somersaults on a trampoline and proceeded to violently vomit for the rest of the night.
13. My mum chased Ant from Ant and Dec out of the Slug & Lettuce demanding he come and say Happy Birthday to me (she didn’t catch him)
14. Dave and I walked right past Luke Perry in Disneyland in California and Dave thought he was Jason Priestley.
15. I hate my knees
16. I could eat marmite from breakfast, lunch and dinner
17. Once when my husband was away, I couldn’t be bothered to cook for myself so i ate half a bag of grated cheese and an Easter Egg for my tea.
18. Up until 18 months ago I only ran when being chased, this year I’m hoping to do my first half marathon
19. I have zip lined off the Tyne bridge and done a sky dive over the Great Barrier Reef
20. Me and Dave regularly hold 30 second dance parties in our kitchen
21. Stress, lack of sleep, lack of food and too much prosecco gives me migraines
22. I once got my leg stuck behind my head alone in my bedroom (proving to myself I could still do it) and had to ring my mum on my mobile to come and help me!
21. I can’t watch torture films (like Saw, Hostel etc) so I make Ang and Dave watch them then have them explain them to me in graphic detail
22. I’m obsessed with Ebay and 80% of my wardrobe I’ve only paid 99p for (not including postage)
23. I don’t believe in ghosts, aliens, religion or vegetarianism
24. The way most people feel about bacon is the way I feel about cheese
25. If i could be one celebrity in the world I would be Katy Perry
26. The colour chart for my complexion when getting a tan goes like this: Transparent – Blue – White – Pink – Red – back to Blue
27. I genuinely believe I look like Beyonce when I dance
28. The first concert I ever saw was Bon Jovi at Gateshead Stadium in 1995
29. I’ve been to New York 4 times (and can’t wait to go back again!)
30. My brother once told me that french people ate snails so i went into the back garden and ate one from there to see what they tasted like

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