My 3 Celebrity Crushes – 30 Writing Challenge #20

I never have celebrity crushes’ –¬†Samantha Barks

Seriously, what am I? 12? Celebrity crushes? Come on! They all look the same. So i’m going to cheat a litlebit, There genuinely isn’t anyone famous i’m all that into at the moment, i’m suffering a celebri-drought. So I will instead chronicle the top there celebrity men that at one point I was absolutely convinced I would marry. My blog, my rules
1. Kevin Costner (1991 – 1991)
This one was short lived which was not to be the norm for me as I went on to become very loyal to my celebrity crushes but Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was absolutely my first ever celebrity crush for about a year. It must have been the mullet.

1. Mark Owen (1992 – 1995)
N’aww look at that little face. There was a time in my life where there was nothing I did not know about this man. I reckoned my ‘in’ was through his sister who was apparently the same age as me. All I had to do was be best mates with her and there’s no way he’d be able to resist me. Despite me only being 10 and him being 21 the fact that that would be very, very wrong seemed to pass me by!

2. Nick Carter (1996 – 2000)
I clearly has a type when it came to my boyband members and despite the year gap that was filled by Alanis Morisette and Green Day between 1995 and 1996 I got over Mark pretty quickly and moved straight on to Nick. He was far more attainable as we’re the same age and green is both our favourite colours therefore no denying our inevitable nuptials.

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