Day 23: a letter to those who judge in the workplace


Dear Dave*

It was great to meet you today. While we have exchanged a few emails this is the first time you and I have officially met face to face. I have seen you before but since you’re super senior, one really needs to be introduced to you, rather than jumping on you in the corridor and I’m a stickler for office etiquette!

For some reason Dave, I think you unintentionally attributed an age to “email me” that is a bit older than “actual me”. When I told you who I was the surprise on your face was pretty clear. This became clearer as the meeting went on as you frequently made reference to my apparently youthful appearance. Don’t get me wrong Dave, sure a girl loves a compliment! It’s just that you’ve got it oh so drastically wrong.

Coincidently I have been asked for ID twice recently on my…

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