Something That's Kicking Ass Right Now – 30 Day Writing Challenge #27

I am extremely content in my life – sometimes to the point where I really should find something to moan about!’ – Julia Sawalha
I’m stuck in a rut. There’s nothing wrong particularly. Work is ok, home is ok, bank balance is ok. everything is ok. Just ok. Nothing is amazing right now. Meagan is coming to visit in a few weeks which will be brilliant and I haven’t had a holiday since March so really looking forward to some time off, but my next holiday out the country isn’t until September and it feels like it may as well be years away. It’s July tomorrow and other than today the weather had been poor and I feel like my diet and exercise plans are just all over the place, I have no motivation to get anything done with any oomph. My get up and go got up and went. I don’t really feel like anything is kicking ass right now.
So, since i’m getting to be a right old Debbie Downer at the moment i’ve taken the time to think of 5 good things that have happened to day, things that i consider to be kickass, stop being a big old moaner and count my blessings:
1. I got a lovely present from a work colleague for helping him out with his dissertation
2. I took advantage of the nice weather and went for an 8K run in the sunshine
3. Anna told me the top I was wearing today was lovely
4. My dad made Dave and I a gorgeous tea after we’d been out for our runs
5. I won 4 things on ebay today for 99p each

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