5 things that make me laugh out loud – 30 Day Writing Challenge #28

‘LOL is rarely OL, or even really L. A real out loud laugh – not the forced social variety, which is closer to barking than laughing – is uncommon among adults’ – Mary Roach

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty stupid, and I laugh out loud at lots of things, and the dafter and more immature, the funnier I find it. It’s hard to think of actual things that make me LOL so some of this list will be people, but anyway, here goes:

1. Dave
We probably spend approximately 95,7% of our time together laughing at each other. Particular highlights are when Dave announces ‘boobies’ at the top of his voice every time I get changed, calling each other affectionate nicknames like ‘Bumface’ and ‘Snorsbraut’ and pantsing each other at every available opportunity.

2. Ang and Steph
When me and Steph get together it’s frolicsome, when Ang and I get together it’s uproarious, when the 3 of us get together it’s side-splittingly, pant wettingly hilarious. We all have the same dry, immature sense of humour and if i’m feeling a bit blue i just need to read our recent whatsapp group messages to put a smile back on my face.

3. The word ‘Pump’
Only used in the context of flatulence. Bicycle or foot pumps aren’t funny, obviously. But ever since I was little this has always been a trigger word to guaranteed chortles.

4. Tom Stade

We first saw this Canadian comedian at the Hyena Club in Newcastle in 2005 and he was hilarious, we’ve followed his career ever since and am pleased to see him make appearances on Mock the Week,Live at the Apollo and Tramadol Nights. Every time I see him whether it be new material or stuff i’ve seen before, he always makes me laugh out loud.

5. Wine
Wine makes everything funny right?!

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