Goals for the next 30 days – 30 Day Writing Challenge #29

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’ – C. S.

I love setting goals. Not necessarily always massive goals, sometimes it’s just setting myself targets for things I have to get done before I allow myself to leave the office, or tidying up I have to do before I’m allowed a glass of wine. I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve been feeling a little meh recently so I think so goal setting is the perfect thing to get my chi back on track!

1. Get back into running
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I did some great things this year when I came to running. The 10k Everyday Challenge in April and the Blaydon Race in June but since then, as I have nothing to really train or aim for, I haven’t been. I’ll hold my hands up and say I’m a fair weather runner, but I need to stop making excuses and get back out there. It tones me up like nothing else and makes me feel loads better than just going to the gym

2. Enjoy my time off work
I have a very big problem with being unable to switch off from work very well particularly if I’m not physically going away anywhere abroad. I have a week and a half off work coming up and I’m really aiming to try and completely switch off from work and enjoy my time with Meagan taking stupid selfies all over the North East

3. Spend some quality time with Dave

It feels like we’ve been doing our own thing recently, or out with groups of people so feel like me and Dave haven’t been on any date nights alone for a while, even if that’s just pizza, prosecco and ice cream on the sofa.

4. Have a great birthday
I love birthdays, anyone’s birthday, not just my own, but having one yourself is always pretty fun right? This year I turn 33 and I’m pretty cool with it, as long as I can still legitimately say i’m ‘early 30’s’ that’s cool with me. I’m also doing karaoke with all my friends (AND my parents and in-laws), at which hilarity is bound to ensue!

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