Highs & Lows of the last 30 days – 30 Day Writing Challenge #30

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure’ – Bill Gates

It’s hard, when you look back over a relatively short period of time, to pick out your highs and lows, because you’ve just been living your life. But perhaps that what we should be doing more often? Looking back over the last few days, weeks or months and celebrating the small victories or learning from the every day lessons we brush off as just another shitty day at work. Here are my highs and lows from the last 30 days. I want to start with the lows because I don’t like ending on a negative note..


  • Getting stressed at work – for the last 2 weeks I’ve been covering for my boss which means longer hours and a bucket load of extra pressure, mostly from my self. I want to step up to the challenge but whilst it’s all character building and developmental, it’s still uncomfortable
  • Letting stupid people get to me – a couple of times this month I’ve dwelled on comments people who don’t matter have said to me, and I should know better not to let it get to me and rise above it but I’m a people pleaser and find it hard not to take things to heart sometimes
  • The weather – apart from the last few days which have been amazing, the weather has been windy, cold and wet – which is sadly typical for the North East of England, but not consistent with the real of the world!
  • Not drinking for my brothers birthday – The ONE night I decide to try and be remotely healthy and bring the car for my brother’s birthday night out, there’s free beer and wine on arrival and the couple next to us give us a free carafe of wine because they ordered too much. That NEVER happens when I’m drinking!
  • I tried selling some old stuff on ebay and despite my best efforts of describing everything in minute detail, there’s always going to be people out there who are trying to get something for nothing. As ebay always seems to fall in favour with the the buyer, I ended up actually losing money on one item. Very annoying!


  • Finally being thin enough to wear my All Saints dress
  • An amazing family night out at a medieval banquet for my brother’s birthday
  • Multiple FNDs (Friday Night Drinks) with Ang, Steph and Patricia
    IMG_20150626_221518 IMG_20150612_200708 IMG_20150605_175737
  • Completing the Blaydon Race with the rest of Team Pink
  • Fathers Day BBQ with 3 generations of dads and their kids
  • And completing the 30 day writing challenge, of course!

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