New healthy milkshakes are Canny tasty!

Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love’ – Wally Lamb

Like the words ‘yay’ and ‘Monday’ or ‘Helen’ and ‘housework’ the words ‘healthy’ and ‘milkshake aren’t ones you often hear in the same sentence. I was never a massive fan of them growing up, McDonald’s offerings needed the suction power of a Dyson to get it through the straw and watching Shakaholic mix a whole battenburg  cake in a blender with some ice cream made my arteries clog on the spot. The closest I really ever got was some chocolate Nesquik before bed.

I being a lover of at least trying to maintain a sensible weight whilst my husband trains for his second ultra marathon though I was very pleased to be invited along to the launch of Canny milkshakes in the quirky cinema room in the Town Wall Pub. They’re a new healthy flavoured milk drink which is made of completely natural ingredients; no nasty additives like aspartame (found in almost all diet drinks) which sends me bonkers if I have too much. I also took Dave along (despite being him being 36 which is apparently a year too old for their target audience according to this article haha) for his expert opinion, after all he was the one who actually consumed that Shakaholic battenburg beast once upon a time.

What they say:

‘We make the most natural milkshakes around, but this doesn’t come at the expense of taste. We also try and be good and do good, thats why from day one Life Centre is getting 5% of our profits’

The fact that they’re ‘clean’ really appealed to us, especially Dave, since he’s such a lover of milkshakes but is also in training for his 24 Hour Ultra marathon next year so it’s really important that he puts the right things in his body. In my experience however, anything branded as ‘clean’ or ‘nutritious’ usually means it’s devoid of any kind of taste. These drinks had my very stubborn taste buds to try and please.

They come in 4 flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla. Banana and Strawberry. I hold my manicured hands up and say I stand corrected, because these are really REALLY nice! In a blindfold test you’d never know they were all natural. They have the sweet taste and thick texture that all milkshakes should, how they get them so sweet with all natural ingredients is something they should bottle and sell, oh wait, they have! The packaging is simple yet I think it would stand out on the shelves, they are all individually adorned with little quips on the front, which, although reminiscent to the blurb that Vitamin Water puts on their bottles, is still a cute touch. They’re a decent size carton (the same size of a can of coke) and retail at £1.59 each which when you consider how much an Innocent smoothie (half the size) or a Starbucks creamy frappuccino (twice the calories) costs, it’s not that unreasonable. Each bottle averages on around 300 calories a bottle, which of course doesn’t make them as healthy as you may like, but if you want a zero calorie drink, have a glass of water. The fact that those calories are made up of proper ingredients means that it’s better than putting 300 calories of unknown crap into your body. All those calories will definitely come in handy during Dave’s training when he needs something to neck while he’s running 50k a time.

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Personally the Chocolate was my favourite (but it would be wouldn’t it!) and Dave favoured the Strawberry. All I need now is for them to do a coffee flavoured one and I’ll just arrange to have it pumped directly into my body intravenously.

Having previously worked in the genetics department of the International Centre for Life the fact that 5% of all profits get donated to their science centre gets a massive thumbs up from me. The boys at Canny have done a great job with this drink, it genuinely is very tasty and seems like they’ve hit upon something that’s not available anywhere else, proving that the North East aren’t all just bottles of Brown Ale and Greggs Pasties after all – we now do nutrition too!

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