My Fantasy Workout Outfit*

‘I’m 33 now and I seem to have hit a fitness plane. Shifting the wobbly bits isn’t as easy as it used to be’ – Matthew Rhys

As Nigel Lythgoe once famously said ‘Christmas is over and the goose has gotten fat’. Whilst I try and still hit the gym over the festive period, it’s more damage limitation than anything else, and when I shoe horned myself back into my work trousers last Monday, I knew I could procrastinate no longer and it was time to get back to the gym tout suite!

Steadily over the years, activewear has become more and more accessible, you can get some really decent fitness gear on the high street and in supermarkets, which, along with ebay is where I get the majority of my fitness stuff.

I’ll admit I could be accused of being a ‘joggers and faded t-shirt’ kind of girl in the past, but the older I get, and the more important exercise becomes to me, I’m beginning to realise that going to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t also look super stylish. So when online company Farfetch got in touch and asked me to put together my dream workout outfit, I jumping-jacked at the chance!

My fantasy workout outfit:
If you’re a woman, nothing is more important than keeping those heaving beasts strapped down so you don’t injure yourself (or indeed others) and this Calvin Klein elastic bra (£23.94) ticks all my boxes. It’s predominantly cotton which prevents nipple  chaffing (and trust me, that is no pic nic!), has a racer back so will fit under all your sport tops and is a neutral colour which won’t blaze through your t-shirt.
I have many good qualities and am generally body confident however I feel let down by my bottom half. As such my thighs don’t really lend themselves well to super trendy patterned leggings, which is where these Monreal London cropped track pants (£107.73) are like a godsend for ladies with larger lower limbs. The drawstring waistband makes them comfortable (perfect for post Christmas chub) pockets to keep your locker key and phone out the way, and also lightweight and cropped to keep you cool, perfect for cross-training on spinning where baggy full length joggers can get in the way.
One of my two fashion obsessions? Cobalt blue. Being naturally blonde it’s a colour that suits my complexion and I always get loads of compliments when I wear it, and anything that distracts from my pink sweaty face is a good thing! I normally avoid wearing too much colour on my top half to be honest as darker colours hide the sweat better but I think the material of this Monreal London ‘Performance Airstream’ tank top (£110.00) looks super breathable so is likely to keep you more cool than a cotton t-shirt, plus a personal trainer once told me ‘sweat is sexy’ so there.
It’s really important to keep warm after exercise, even though you might feel boiling hot, your body temperature can drop really quickly. I love this all encompassing Scoop neck sweatshirt by Alexander Wang (£143.64). It’s nice and baggy – there’s nothing worse than trying to put something tight on over a sweaty body, but more importantly,  the way it’s cut means the blue vest will poke out from the bottom and around the neck, adding a pop of colour for if you have to pop to Tesco on your way home (as I invariably do!)

My other fashion obsession? Leopard print. I think keeping the rest of your workout gear in basic, block colours (for practicality reasons more than anything) means you can completely go to town on your trainers. I don’t often get to wear cobalt blue and leopard print together which is why I’ve picked these Golden Goose Deluxe Brand ‘Running’ sneakers (£267.34) and I think pulls the whole outfit together, creating a sweet spot between being matchy-matchy  and garish.
Finally, if you’re anything like me, the moment you bum touches the sofa after work, it takes far too much motivation to get yourself back up again which means you more than likely go to the gym on your way home. If so you’re going to need something to keep all your posh new swag in. What’s cuter than this Joshua Sanders x Barbapapa face embroidered backpack (£275.32)?!
Farfetch’s tag line is ‘300 boutiques, 1 address’ and is the perfect place if you’re prepared to splash some serious cash. Along with what I’ve picked, they stock almost everything swanky from high end designers like Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana to more high street brands like Nike and Adidas. If I ever win the lottery, I may well become a regular customer. After all, I’m going to need to look the part in the private gym in my mansion!


  1. January 11, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    What a fab collection of gym wear, I have just started running again after a six month break and plan on doing another half marathon and teen is well into cross fit so I will have to check out those pieces.

  2. John Sheedy
    January 15, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    Great blog!

  3. Katie @
    January 15, 2016 / 1:58 pm

    I hate the gym leggings trend but the alternatives are baggy lounge pants, you’ve found a gem with these cropped pants though! I want some!
    I want the trainers too!!

  4. Faye
    January 15, 2016 / 2:11 pm

    Loving the bag!

  5. January 16, 2016 / 2:13 am

    I’m loving the tank and the shoes! I prefer leggings because of lifting, but I could definitely picture myself wearing these to lounge around. Great blog!

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