The Newman Bucket List

‘I need to think as much as I can, to feel as much as I can, to be conscious and observe and understand me and the people around me as much as I can’ – Amy Tan

I wrote last year a little bit about how I’m currently staring my mid 30s in the nuts and have from time to time the inevitable ‘what the hell have to done with my life?’ moments. I’m also probably the biggest worrier in the world, so there’s been a fair handful of ‘oh my god I’m going to be 40 soon, I don’t have any children, I’ve never been to South America, I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, I’ve never skinny dipped…’ as if the second I turn 40 the assisted living facility down the road will come knocking and cart me to off to hang out with Edna and Gladys for the rest of my days.

That is, of course ridiculous. It’s easy for the humdrum-ness of life to take over and you always think you’ll get round to doing all the stuff you want to do someday. Things is, if you don’t make a conscious effort to get it done, that someday will never come; there will always be a reason you didn’t do it, be it money or the weather or whatever. I’m still young (as young as i’ll ever be as my dad keeps on telling me) and i’m (relatively) fit and healthy. There’s nothing stopping me getting done all the things I’ve ever wanted to do (apart from maybe my own anxiety).

So instead of just saying ‘hey lets jump out of an aeroplane today’ (actually I’ve already done that!) We thought we’d get it all written down and put it out there to the universe (that’s you BTW) and hopefully that might make us actually get some of it done.


See the Northern Lights
We went to Iceland in March 2015 but in typical Newman luck it was the worst winter they’d had for 3 years, so bad in fact that the local media were running competitions to name it. Suffice to say, no lights were seen, so that’s still on the list



Visit Sherwood Forest
Inspired by our recent visit to Sycamore Gap I want to go one better and go to actual Sherwood Forest. Seeing as I’m a massive fan of Robin Hood in all its forms and guises. And merry men. And riding through glens. And stealing from the rich. etc etc

Completed 21st May 2016



Have a Guinness in Dublin
I’ve been to Dublin a couple of times (their Cadburys chocolate tastes funny over there you know) but the first time I was too young to drink and the second time, well, I probably still thought Guinness was disgusting. Now however, I like its iron giving properties. It’s practically a health drink.


Go to the Edinburgh Festival
It’s a shame I’ve never been as it’s only up the road really. The cost and the crowds has always put me off but I know Steph and Chris have been a few times and with enough forward planning I reckon you could do it on the cheaper side of extortionate.


Visit some ‘souths’
South East Asia, South Africa and South America are all on places I’d love to go one day too. If I could sing Karaoke in Japan, See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and sit in the Devils Pool in Zambia, I’d think that was pretty cool and would have enough new Facebook profile pictures to last me at least a couple of months!


Visit some extremes
There are a couple of places on my radar that have certain accolades that I’d quite like to visit. Lands End and John O’Groats would be quite cool as would visiting the Tan Hill Inn (the highest pub in England – I can always fit a glass of wine in!). Also Cabo da Roca (Portugal), the most westerly point of mainland Europe. I mean, if I were to be really ambitious I’d love to go to the Artic or Antarctica but it’s not like I have family out there I can stay with!

Visited Cabo da Roca in June 2016 and Lands End in August 2017


Visit an Ice Bar
Ice Bars are one of those things like festivals, I know they’re over priced and you probably only spend 15 minutes in one because it’s so bloody cold but almost everyone I know has been to an Ice Bar and I want in the club, they just look so cool (pun intended!). We tried to go to one in Reykjavik and after walking around for over an hour looking for it, realised it closed two years prior. So now it’s unfinished business

*UPDATE* Completed in September 2016



Skinny dip
Are there rules about skinny dipping (I know there are laws against it in some places) but, like, does it have to be in open water? Does a private pool count?! I’m saying yes it does, if for nothing else than ease of completion. My list, my rules.

Completed June 2016 (however you’ll just have to take my word for it 😉 )


I’m sure this is exactly how I’d look too!

Watch a sunrise
I’ve always been of the opinion that there’s no sunrise so beautiful that it’s worth waking me up to see. But throw in a glass of champagne and a chocolate croissant and I may be able to be convinced.


Ride in a hot air balloon
In the past if ever I’ve been at that kind of altitude (where you’re not so high you can still see the ground, high enough that if you fell out, you’d die) I’m chucking myself out the plane. But in my old age I think I’m warming to the idea of taking it a bit easier and enjoying the view.


Run a half marathon
Dave can obviously bash out a half marathon in his sleep. My legs are only about 4 inches long though so running doesn’t come as naturally to me. I’m not too bothered about doing an organised one. As long as Run Keeper says I’ve done it, that’s good enough for me!

*UPDATE* Completed September 2017


Go on a proper pic nic
We got given this super cute vintage style pic nic basket for Christmas 2015. It even comes with it’s own crockery and cooling compartment for your wine (seriously, they’ve thought of everything!) and pic nic blanket. It would be nice to actually get it used in some of the local parks near our house.


Hold and Owl
I’ve loved owls ever since we had a low rent Chris Packam come to school when I was about 6 and give us a talk. I even did my own project on them one summer holiday, it wasn’t for school or anything, I just didn’t have many friends back then. And must have read the book The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark countless times in primary school. I’d love to be able to hold one, then perhaps slip it into my handbag when no one’s looking….

*UPDATE* Completed May 2017


Go to a Backstreet Boys Concert with Meagan
Back in the mid 90s when we had dial up internet, the Backstreet Boys were pretty much our reason for being and the whole reason two 14 years from the opposite sides of the world became best friends. It would be amazing for us to see them in action together to come full circle and fangirl one last time.

*UPDATE* Completed March 2017




Volunteer somewhere
Gone, long gone are my 20s where spending the weekend in either one of 2 states; drunk or hungover was acceptable. It’s about time I grew up and used my powers for good rather than evil.

famous volunteer thank you quotes

Grow and nurture something
You know, a plant, a tree, a tiny human, anything I can grow and not kill I’d view as a success. I’ll be honest I’ll probably just start with a plant.


Visit some local ‘hotspots’
These aren’t necessarily travel dreams, they’re just local places that I hear a lot about but have never really gotten round to visiting myself. Places like Cragside and Simonside (both in Northumberland) that are really pretty and great from some walks.



  1. May 4, 2016 / 6:49 am

    This bucket list is so cute! I love that it’s theme is travelling and locations. Makes it all the more exciting, especially when mine involves things like eating pasta AND pizza together. LOL – total foodie. Great post xx

  2. May 4, 2016 / 6:53 am

    Great list 🙂 I should probably write one at some point!

  3. May 8, 2016 / 11:33 pm

    I love your bucket list. I’ve done quite a few of them but I have a huge one of my own that I must get cracking with

    Cat x

  4. May 24, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    Fab list! There’s definitely some on there that are on my list in my head.. But think when I hit 35 I may have to write it down and start acting on it!


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