Kaspas vs Creams

‘Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table’ – William Powell

For years I always maintained that I was savoury over sweet, give me some chips and dip or a cheeseboard over a pudding any day. However I think over recent years; mainly thanks to the acceptance of American style cupcakes in the UK, deserts have upped their game, and I now have a very very sweet tooth.


Desert emporiums Kaspas and Creams have been in Newcastle and on my radar for a while, Kaspas first on the bottom of Clayton Street then Creams shortly after in the Bigg Market. So similar in style were they that it made me wonder if they were in fact just the same company in two locations, however some brief research showed that the co-creator of Creams which originated in Lewisham in London fell out with the other owner and branched out on his own creating the very similar (yet different) Kaspas. Kind of like the Left Twix/Right Twix situation.

So since these places seemed so similar on the outside, and were practically on my doorstep I thought I’d drag my friends along (I have the best friends) to give both a whirl and find out once and for all which is better? Kaspas or Creams, there’s only one way to find out….


Visited: Saturday 7th May 2016
Tasting Partners: Ang, Dave G & John

Our plans were scuppered ever so slightly as wed actually planned to visit Kaspas first, determined, very fairly by a game of rock, paper, scissors, but when we talked past the queue for Kaspas was a mile out the door. We had made a plendge to queue whatever the circumstances but just out of curiosity, before we joined the pre-teen lineup, we walked up to Creams to see what the situation was up there and would simply join the shortest queue.

Rather amazingly there was no queue for Creams at all despite it’s better more central location. However we took full advantage of this and got seated in a cosy booth straight away.

We ordered:

Ang: Coffee Affogato ( hote expresso plus fresh vanilla ice cream, coffee sauce with chocolate sprinkles ontop)
Dave: The Great Knickerbocker Glory (Chopped fruit served with scoops of strawberry and chocolate ice cream topped with fresh vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled in luxary strawberry syrup)
Helen: Choc fudge hot & cold volcano (steaming hot chocolate fudge cake combined with cold vanilla ice cream, hot toffee syrup  and milk choc shavings
John: Millionaires Chocolate & Fudge Cheesecake


In all seriousness, what’s not to like? Prices are great and menu is varied. I almost wished I’d ordered one of the waffles, 1. because I’m an absolute Nutella fiend and 2. because they looked bloody huge!  Price wise it averaged at a fiver for a desert which i think compared to most restaurants is reasonable considering the choice. Service was quick and staff were friendly. I personally wolfed down my Sundae with gusto, which was made with ‘Mr Whippy’ vanilla ice cream rather than hard, scoop serve style, and the hot fudge was satisfactorily warm, if i were to criticise it would be for £5.95 it could have been a little bigger (although that could just be the fat lass in me) but tatse wise I couldn’t complain. I also had a taste of John’s cheesecake and Ang’s Sundae, both of which were yummy.

I have a theory that i’m not naughty with food often,but when i am eating the wrong things, I want to do it right. So if I am going to allow myself a naughty sundae I want it to be the naughtiest of naughty with all high end ingredients, no corners cut and that was definitely the case at Creams. The chocolate was sufficiently chocolately, the ice cream was, in all it’s full fat glory, lovely and creamy. I didn’t feel like my cheat day had been in vain that’s for sure! Creams was definitely going to take some beating!


Visited: Sunday 8th June 2016
Tasting partners: Carrie, Emma & John

We ordered:

Carrie: Cherry & Coconut ice cream with strawberries and banana
Strawberry & Coconut Ice cream with banana and strawberry
Hot Fudge Sundae (A delightful combination of warm Fudge pieces, Chocolate, fresh Vanilla Ice cream, and Belgian Chocolate sauce)
John: Knickerblocker Glory (Chopped fruit served with scoops of Strawberry and Chocolate, topped with fresh Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with luxury Strawberry syrup)


Although it was Sunday and we didn’t have to queue (yay!) I was still surprised at how full of tweenagers it was, which I’ll admit put me off a little, their million decibel shrieks every 20 seconds was messing with my chi; a peaceful Sunday afternoon Sundae with my friends this wasn’t going to be. Nevertheless we were just pleased to have a seat and had planned to get our sugar fix as quickly as possible before retreating to the pub; where the adults live.

In the name of fairness and comparison I had a second hot hot sundae, dubious at the fact that it was what looked on paper the same thing as at Cream but a pound more expensive. It was after my first mouthful that I realised what all those people had be queuing for the day previously. Whilst it was a pound more expensive it was without a doubt more than a pound better. It was bigger for a start and there was more fudge pieces inside. It’s hard to put your finger on the other differences, and although the ice cream and all the other tit bids were the same, it was just all round better, the fudge was fudigier, the soft serve ice cream was smoother – it just tasted better.


Carrie and Emma were being relatively good and took advantage of their create your own option with scoops of ice cream and fruit of their choosing. So it’s refreshing to know that even if you are counting points or syns you can still come out for a treat.


It’s hard because from the menus down to decor these places are amazingly similar, it’s difficult to hold one up against the other. I hate queuing for anything, so the fact that you can walk into Creams on a busy Saturday afternoon and get your sugar fix almost instantly is a huge plus for me, however Kaspas hot fudge sundae was far superior in size and taste, even for the £1 extra

There really is very little in it to be honest, I think if I could have the ambiance, location, staff and price of Creams but the physical product of Kaspas it would be my ideal desert place.

What I do know is these places are on to a winner in my eyes. I’s a huge pet hate of mine when restaurants charge you £6 for a slice of fudge cake they’ve gotten from Costco, I would much rather spend my hard earned sugar pennies in a place like Kaspas or Creams – at least then I know I’m getting something decent for my dough.


  1. Julia
    October 25, 2016 / 8:05 am

    Kaspas is better

  2. Zavier Miller
    May 28, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    Ice is absolutely amazing and brilliant concept but service is very slow and poor.

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