Primark Haul – July 2016

‘Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes’ – Karl Largerfeld

Since i changed jobs in 2012 and no longer work in the centre of town, I rarely get the opportunity to browse around the sales – much to the delight of my bank balance I must admit. Go are the days when clothes shops had sales twice a year, there seems to be bargains to be had year round if you look hard enough for them and I miss spending my lunch hour searching for a new top to wear at the weekend.

This month i had a rare afternoon off work and since no one else was around to take me off to the pub (my usual favourite flexi day past time) I decided to hit up Primarni in Newcastle to see what I could be tempted with.

I’ve written before about how I feel Primark has been in slow decline quality wise over the last few years so I was expecting the age old girl problem of having money to spend and not being able to find a damn thing you like. Thankfully the shopping gods seemed to have been smiling down on me that afternoon and I managed to come away with this little lot for £25…

Navy embellished top – £3

I don’t wear nearly enough navy despite it suiting my skin tone more than black. This will go perfectly with some light denim cutoffs I recently customised from a full length pair and I love how an embellished neckline means you don’t have to worry about jewellery. The cut out back is a bit low but i’m planning on pinning it shut to avoid any underwear on show!

Burgundy gathered top – £3


Both the colour and style of this suits my shape and skin tone well, I like how it’s slightly gathered at the bottom so looks slightly bubble hemmed and longer at the back covering my massive badonkadonk.

Burgundy casual sweatshirt – £5


I’m like a magpie for burgundy and maroon things at the moment. I saw the lovely Chloe from New Girl in Toon had got her hands on a super cute coffee inspired jumper from Primark which I fell in love with but sadly it’s sold out. This was the next best thing, it’s pretty thick and snuggy so not really ideal for this humid spell we’ve been having recently but I’m really looking forward to weaing it when we go to Norway in September!

Active burnout gym top – £2

I saw a girl wear this i the gym recently and almost asked her where she got it from but bottled out. When I saw it on my way out of the shop I was so excited, then imagine my bliss when I saw it was reduced to £2! It was worth waiting in the 15 minute queue all over again! I’m not actually a fan wearing white at the gym so I’ll probably wear this casually on a Sunday with some cropped leggings or black jeans. The batwing style and open back make it way too nice for the sweaty gym anyway!

Plain crew neck t-shirts in lemon and black – £2.30 each
Cutout tribal statement necklace – £2
Triangle statement necklace – £2


Never underestimate the power of a plain t-shirt and a statement necklace, its become my go to look when I want to look nice with minimal effort. These t-shirts are actually for the mens section but I kind them to be better quality and a better fit then what Primark offer in the womans section despite being cheaper as well. I find if I choose a small mans slim fit top it’s the perfect size 12/14 and then roll the sleeves up slightly to make it look more feminine.

My friend Carrie is the queen of the statement necklace (which is handy when you want something new to wear but can’t afford anything so she opens up her wardrobe to you!). I loved these two which I think will go with pretty much anything, and when you see similar styles going for almost £20 in Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, snapping them up for only £2 each was a real bargain

Brow bar sunglasses – £3

These are the only full priced item I bought in the end! Because my eyes are blue they’re really sensitive to the light, and even wear sunglasses in the dead of winter to protect them from natural brightness. As such I go through sunglasses like socks so always on the look out for different styles to add to my collection. Although the frame is mostly plastic I love the metal brow bar and look forward to the 2 weeks i’ll have them in my possession before inevitably scratching or sitting on them!

This is definitely the most successful haul I’ve had in a while, it’s rare I have the patience to wade through the racks of crap to find something I like, particularly in Primark where it can all become a bit of a jumble sale. As Primark is so cheap ever at full price you can get some real, real steals if you’re prepared to roll your sleeves up, sharpen your elbows and dive in.

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  1. newgirlintoon August 1, 2016 / 4:37 am

    Great jumper find! I’ve not seen any of this stuff in Primark which makes me think I must be due another look round!

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