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‘A family needs to work as a team, supporting each other’s individual aims and aspirations’ – Buzz Aldrin

My daily #lyricoftheday on Twitter and the fact that i start every blog post with a quote is a testament to the fact I love and inspirational quote. I think I probably like quotes so much because I often find it difficult to verbalise how I’m feeling sometimes so it’s so much handier to have someone else do the work for you.


Over the last few years it appears the internet loves a quote too and my insta and Facebook is flooded with witty/snarky/inspirational/annoying/sexist/racist quotes, sometimes they’re attributed to famous people, other times they’re just some random meme someone has thrown together and enough like minded people have shared it so it’s gone viral.  Me and the internet aren’t the only people who like quotes though, My sister-in-law is also partial to a good quote, so much so that she started a Tumblr (The Cat and The Kindle) page where she posts her favourite quotes from whatever book she’s reading at the moment (rather than just nicking quotes off Goodreads like I do). She’s done really well with it too, almost everything she posts gets re-tumbled (is that a thing?) dozens of times and even some authors that she posts about have gotten in touch and liked her work. And if famous people like something that means it’s cool.

All that in mind it was a great honour when she read my husband’s book ‘Mongolia or Bust: A round-the-world motorcycle misadventure’ (about the time he jacked in work and took off round the world on his motorbike in 2009) and posted some quotes from it. We were both amazed at how well received the quotes were, we’ve both read it so many times that the words had begun to lose all meaning so seeing little profound standalone soundbites was incredible. It reminded me that my husband is a genuine, bonafide author, and made me extremely proud.

So if you also like a quote as much as I do, here are David’s pearls of wisdom hand picked by Ruth and then blogged about by me. What a creative powerhouse of a family we’re turning out to be:

 ‘The work gradually wore me down with a mixture of boredom and an irrational fear that someone would eventually rumble that I was faking, that I wasn’t really worth the money or good at my job’

‘It is the destiny of the atheist, I believe, to worry on some level about whether or not they’re making the most of their time. That’s the trouble with not having a heaven, an afterlife or a reincarnation to fall back on’

‘Every article you read or news item you see describes how some environment is being destroyed or culture disappearing. It seems as though most places you would go and see on a world tour are as good as they’re going to get’

‘When ideas are discussed, not just festering in the mind of one person, they gather a kind of momentum that is fuelled by bravado and collective madness’

‘There’s me thinking it was just the women in my life that were moody!

‘Ups follow downs follow ups’

‘I felt increasingly like the empty hotel must be a front for some sort of organised crime ring, with the chief of police on the payroll and the local sports star seduced by the money and lifestyle, and with Igor as the Kingpin’

‘One of the cars stopped and without a word of shared language they handed us a loaf of locally made bread. Gestures of kindness such as this never failed to leave me dumbstruck at the human spirit normal people throughout the world possess. It also made me consider if I would take the time to help a visitor to the UK with the same level of generosity’

‘Meeting up with Helen was very joyful, we dropped our bags and hugged in the arrivals hall, it was good to have human contact again. I stared at her face for about 2 minutes just checking she was real’

‘Judging Mexico on Tijuana would be like coming to the UK but only seeing a Liverpool council estate in the rain before condemning the whole country.

‘Travelling isn’t the same unless you have someone to share it with, even if it’s just ‘isn’t this cool’, or ‘look at all the elastic top jeans’

Read more about Dave’s epic adventure by buying his book ( available in either Kindle or hard copy) here. Wouldn’t it make a good Christmas present?!



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  1. Rachael Dickinson
    November 9, 2016 / 8:35 pm

    Fab post, sounds like a good read. Not my cup of tea, but I know one or two it would make a good stocking filler for!!

    Rachael xox

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