Locket Library Necklaces

It can be an age old question can’t it? What do you get the girl/boy/mum/dad/grandparent who has everything? Christmas present giving isn’t the same now as it used to be when I was little. There was always something big I wanted, a new bike, a new hi fi, or a pogo stick (it was the 80s afterall) and even in my teen years there would be a list of CDs as long as my arm I wanted or a kappa tracksuit (it was the 90s afterall). Enter the Locket Library.

These days I have a tendency when people ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday to just to keep it consumable; food or booze never goes to waste and is always well received always in our house. So because I’m pretty much happy to receive anything as a present, It always blows me away when someone thinks outside the box and gets me something super thoughtful.

For my birthday back in July, when i was presented with a gold shiny bottle bag and a little wrapped box from my brother and sister-in-law I was naturally just looking forward to tucking into whatever was in the bottle over ice not realising what was in the box was actually the main present.


Some child like feeling around the night before had given me the feeling it was a necklace. Now i’ll happily hold my hands up and admit that i’m one of life’s criers. I cry at the whistle of the wind, however due to my issuing a list complete with hyperlinks and sizing instructions at least 6 weeks before any birthday to ensure i get exactly what i want, I very rarely cry over presents. When  opened it up on the morning of my birthday however i bawled my little eyes out to see that they’d had Dave’s book printed into a locket, dedication to me and all. So I could wear it with me whenever I liked. And (most importantly) when people asked me about it  I could say ‘Oh this? It’s my husband’s book, he’s an author dontcha know?’ Modest, I am not.


Made by a UK based company called The Locket Library, you can have almost any book made up, and your choice of quote (if you want one). They have loads of famous books that they’ve already gained reproduction  copyright for, to reproduce Dave’s book Gary and Ruth had to ask his permission, which of course he gave (only as it’s me of course). The lockets themselves are extremely well made and large enough to see what it is if you look closely, but not too big that they’re gaudy and tacky looking. They’re all made to order and come with their own personalised library card so it’s pretty much a given that your choice of book and choice of quote will be unique to you.

I’m not a massive reader as it happens, but I am, of course a massive fan of my husband, so not only is it amazing that he’s written and published a book, but it’s even more amazing that I can now proudly combine that with my love of fashion jewellery. So this really is the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life (or indeed the jewellery fan) just make sure you wrap up a pack of tissues in with it, if they’re anything like me they’re likely to need it!

Visit the Locket Library’s Esty store here

or buy Dave’s book here: Mongolia or Bust 

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