5 Travel Essentials

We’re lucky enough to be mid 30’s DINKies (double income, no kids) and work hard to be able to take ourselves off on holiday a couple of times a year, interspersed with a few weekends away for good measure. As such over the years there are a few travel essentials I’ve come to rely on for any trip away, whether it be 3 weeks in the States  or an over night stay at Ang & Dave’s:

Straightener pouch

I was given this as part of a set a few Christmases ago and it’s become invaluable in my travels ever since. I never realised how much of a bind it was to have to wait for your straighteners to cool down before being able to pack them in your case, especially on the type of holidays we tend to go on where we’re moving on to a different place almost every day. They’re a real time saver. The heatproof lining means you can unplug, pack up and be on your merry way straight away. It’s also.big enough to fit your hairbrush and heat protection spray too. Bonus!

Lancome foundation pot

My quest for the perfect foundation has been well documented never is a good foundation needed more than when on holiday when you’re likely to be taking lots of pictures and want to look your best. This teeny little sample pot from Lancome is deceivingly small as a little goes a long way and lasts me a good fortnight if not longer. I only use Lancome as an example of course as they seem to be more generous with their sample pots and you can fill it with anything you like.of course. It’s certainly well within the liquid allowance if you only have hand luggage, is a real space saver and means you aren’t worrying about losing or smashing your favourite bottle of foundation.

Ear plugs

I view ear plugs the same way I view insurance; something you get in the hope you never have to use. I’m one of those people who needs complete pitch black and complete silence when I sleep so I take ear plus everywhere I go, sometimes it can be something as small as the hum of the air conditioning unit that keeps me awake a d the last thing you want on your precious days away from work is to spend them tired. My favourite are actually these from Oxford Ear Plugs from Dave’s motorbiking days which you can pick up on ebay relatively cheaply. Pop these little orange bad boys in and they will pretty much guarantee a silent sleep no matter where you are

Black t-shirt

Never ever underestimate the power of a plain black t-shirt. It’s became a staple in my holiday wardrobe over the last few years down to its pure versatility. I live in these £3.50 offerings from Primark on holiday. They can me used as a base layer in the cold, on its own with some blue jeans for through the day, dressed up with a skirt and a statement necklace in the evening and even as a nightie if you forget your pj’s (like I did on our recently holiday to Norway) The same could be said of course for a plain white t-shirt however if you’re as accident prone as me it will have chocolate, gravy or red wine down the front of it within 30 seconds of putting it on.

A good pair of sunglasses

Now don’t get this twisted. When I say a good pair of sunglasses I don’t by any means mean an expensive pair of sunglasses, I just mean a pair that suit you. The most expensive pair I own were £6 from H&m, which is me splashing out! I’m founding member of the blue eyes brigade which means my eyes are really sensitive to sunlight so wear sunglasses all year round. So whether you’re skiing in Switzerland or sunbathing in St. Tropez a pair of sun specs that compliment your face are an M.U.S.T. They also hide a multitude of sins if you’re hungover after a heavy overnight stay somewhere (ahem Ang & Dave’s) and can’t be bothered to put make up on.

What are your travel essentials?

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