Hello Jennifer Helen’s Christmas Traditions

‘Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling’ – Edna Ferber

Welcome to the first day of my 12 days of Christmas series where I’ve asked some of my best blogging friends to talk all things festive!

First is the lovely Jennifer from Hello Jennifer Helen, who aside from having an awesome middle name, also has some awesome Christmas traditions to tell you about!


Christmas is my favourite time of year! I am lucky to have been able to spend every Christmas with my family and over the last thirty years, we have created our own little Christmas rituals and traditions. Now that my husband and I are hosting Christmas at our house for the first time, I have found myself adopting these traditions into our Christmas day, as well as trying to add in some new ones of our own! I thought I’d share my top five Christmas traditions that never fail to get me in the festive spirit before, during and after Christmas Day.

Advent Calendar
When my brother and I were growing up, my Mum made some advent socks that we strung up on the wall. Each morning there would be a little treat in there – a piece of chocolate, a rubber, a note – and it was so exciting to come down and fish something new out every day. I just hope that when we have children I will be organised enough to make this happen for them! For the meantime, Andrew and I just get each other chocolate advent calendars (although I got treated to the ASOS one this year, lucky me!). I tried to do the gift thing for him one year and it was so stressful (and expensive)!

Dressing the Tree
I absolutely love dressing the Christmas tree! And there is nothing better than doing it to a real tree. I love the smell and the odd shape of the branches. Each real tree is unique and I think that’s so lovely. When we decorate our tree, we put on the Christmas music, turn down the lights and get stuck in. We start with lights (one set of coloured, one set of warm white), then add tree chocolates, tinsel (red, gold and silver), baubles and finally lametta. To me, a tree isn’t decorated until it has lashings of lametta on. And if you don’t know what that is, it’s like small strips of tinsel and you just throw it onto the branches to give them extra sparkle. So pretty!

Hanging up Stockings
The night before Christmas is a night I just find so lovely. A lot of my friends at school went out into town drinking on Christmas Eve, but I never really wanted to. For me, the evening is all about getting cosy, having a nice meal, drinking mulled wine and just spending some quality time with family. It’s the epitome of Hygge! And of course, the last thing we do before bed is hang our stockings up in the hopes that Santa will bring some presents down the chimney!

A Family Photograph
I have a small family, but we are close and we stay in touch via a family WhatsApp group. But it’s not that often that we are all together at the same place at the same time. That’s why Christmas is such a special time, because it gives us a chance to catch up, chill out and just spend some no pressure time together. A newer tradition, that started when my brother and I left home for University, is to get a family shot at some point over the Christmas period. It’s a nice reminder of a lovely time and I love looking back at them to see how we’ve changed over the years!

Watching The Queen
I know this isn’t for everyone, but what is Christmas Day without the Queen’s speech?! We time our dinner to eat just after she has finished. I like to hear what she has to say and I am intrigued as to what positives she will take after the shit storm that 2016 has been.

What Christmas traditions do you have? Do you share any of mine?

♥ JH

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