My Best Ever Christmas Gifts by Rachel Kershaw

‘As we give presents at Christmas, we need to recognize that sharing our time and ourselves is such an important part of giving’ – Gordon B. Hinckley

Happy boxing day everyone! Hope everyone had a fabulous day yesterday full of family, food and fun! Obviously all that stuff is cool but we all secretly love the presents too right? I’ve asked my good friend Rachel (and one of the first blogging gals I ever met incidentally) to tell me all about her favourite pressies:


One of my earliest childhood memories is being sat on my parent’s living room floor, playing happily with my big yellow teapot. As a little girl growing up in the 80’s it was the toy that dreams were made of! I don’t specifically remember opening it on Christmas morning but I’m pretty sure a gift that good could only have been brought by Father Christmas as I didn’t get expensive toys at any other time throughout the year. I received birthday presents, of course, but the iconic big yellow teapot was definitely a ‘main present’, Christmas day kind of toy! I absolutely adored it and never bored of lifting up the teapot lid to revel the hidden rooms and little family hiding inside. It had a roundabout in the middle and the spout doubled up as a slide for the little figures to whizz down, it was exactly how I wanted my house to be when I grew up!


Childhood Christmases were definitely the best so I have to say that as an adult the best Christmas present I have received is the gift of becoming an Aunt! My sister in law gave birth to beautiful twins, Jack and Emily, in December 2011 and they brought the magic of Christmas back in to my life! I remember the day they were born, James (my boyfriend) and I made the long journey from Newcastle to my home town of Rochdale to visit them in hospital and we arrived literally moments before visiting hours ended. There was only time for a quick cuddle on that cold, winters night but I was smitten and knew I would spoil them rotten that Christmas ad every one that followed! Perhaps I’ll buy them a big yellow teapot one day!
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