2017: Mandy Charlton style….

Last year, last fabulously glorious year, a year of so many adventures and more beginnings than endings, last year of wonderful friendships old and new, last year when I found someone unexpected when I least expected it, on the internet of all places.  When I set out my desires for 2016, my focus word was adventure and boy have I had some of those, trips to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stratford, Perth, the list goes on, blogging has not only introduced me to the most amazing people all over the UK, it’s also provided me with many new experiences and I couldn’t of course not mention the fact that I found someone really special after putting my dating profile on my very own blog, 2 men responded and one of them is now very much part of my magical universe, our Skype chats have become the happy focus of my week, something to look forward to, long chats often without stopping for breath coming up with whimsical ideas, my someone special has made me feel alive again.
So new we’re on the precipice of 2017 and you have to wonder just what it has in store, I’ve never been quite as excited about the future as I am right now, I can honestly say that I am not one for resolutions, they’re too easily broken and often not taken so seriously and by the time you get to mid-January there’s often regret, loss and sometimes anger that you have failed so early.
So here’s what I do and what you should try to, each year I promise myself that I’ll continue to be brilliant, I promise myself that I will get up every morning, find reasons to smile and do as much good as I possibly can, in 2017 it is my utter resolve to do this even more so, in life, love and business I want to strive to be the very best I can be, the very happiest I can be and in turn I hope that I can make those around me, those special people feel just that little more happy and brilliant too.
Business and life as a single parent photographer and writer is always a challenge, it always has been but just as I written more in the last year than ever before I hope to keep that passion going and write even more, not just for myself but also for Huffington Post as well, I hope that it’s going to lead me on to a whole new set of adventures and as my someone special lives oh so very far away I have to find a way to schedule in visits and also pay for them too!
In 2017 my focus word is going to be fulfilment, fulfilment of my happiness, fulfilment of my soul, fulfilment of each and every aspect of my life and business, I want to get to the end of 2017 and say, it was the happiest year I ever lived and at the end of it I finally felt complete, for the first time in my life I had a relationship which gave as much as it took and a career that provided more than I needed.

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