Silidyn Rejuvenate Review

‘All those vitamins aren’t to keep death at bay, they’re to keep deterioration at bay’ – Jeanne Moreau

It’s that time of year isn’t it? Post Christmas, it’s started to snow and  the (quite literal) gallons of prosecco that has passed through my body over the last few weeks have started to take their toll on my hair and skin.  I feel fat, spotty and lank and no amount of avocado and lack luster gym efforts seem to be helping.

I’ve always loved the idea of multi vitamins but have always been quite laxidaisy in taking them. Like my skincare routine or using dental floss, I can be good for a week or so then just fall off the wagon because it all because too much effort. When I was sent some samples of new vitamin supplement Silidyn to trial from the lovely girls over at 30 Plus Blogs I was determined to give it a good go, seeing as my skin, hair and nail dramas have been well documented in the past.


Unlike other multivitamins or hair, skin and nail supplements, Silidyn comes in liquid form, rather than tablet form and can be added to any liquid, once a day (although advises that before breakfast is preferable).  The science boffs who created it say that it’s scientifically proven to combat the signs of ageing and contains a clinically certified formula to replenish, regenerate and reinvigorate your body’s natural foundations.  Something I can put into my morning coffee that will make me look younger? Good times!

They also state:  ‘Silidyn Rejuvenate utilises the latest bio active technology to inhibit cellular breakdown and replenish Silicon where it is lost to the modern environment. After an 8 week programme, Silidyn produces visible benefits, strengthening hair and nails, and firming skin, while providing a natural boost to combat the internal symptoms of age’ – oh, so it only makes you younger on the inside? Bad times.

Still though, I am currently trying to grow my hair out so I don’t spend my entire 30s with a graduated bob so any help I can get is greatly appreciated, so after roughly 8 weeks of taking Silidyn, here’s how  me and some of my little lab rats friends got on:

The pros:

  • I love that you put it in your morning coffee, and feels less clinical than taking tablets
  • It really is tasteless. My of my test subjects said they felt that it left a slight greasy taste in their mouth (albeit not unpleasant) and another said they could taste it slightly. I found if you put it in first before the hot water in your drink it mixes better rather than putting in last where it tended to sit on the top.


  • My nails looked ah-mazing after a week or so. I tend to suffer from splitting and peeling especially in the winter, however had nothing of the sort during the trial.
  • I got my hair cut at the beginning of the trial and often suffer from severe breakage on the underneath of the right side. Although I think this is a genetic thing that no amount of fancy shampoo or vitamins can fix, I have noticed less breakage since my last haircut. This could be just down finally finding a decent stylist, however seems coincidental that it’s been much better since taking silidyn.
photogrid_1484596930264Hair straight after a cut then 8 weeks later, not unusual that it’s only grown half an inch but the condition is almost identical
  • If you’ve ever taken multi vits or berocca you’ll know that one of the side effects if it turns your peepee technicolour. Silidyn doesn’t. Hurray for no hulk wee!
  • While one tester said they found the packaging to look too clinical it would put them off buying it, another said they liked the clinical packaging as it reminded them of Dermalogica branding, therefore would make them trust the product more.

The cons:

  • Aging wise I saw no visible change, it’s obviously going to take something much stronger than me to get rid of my crowsfeet and forehead wrinkles
  • Immune systems wise despite taking it for 4 weeks prior to Christmas and continuing right the way through it didn’t stop me getting the lurgy for the first week in January.
  • It’s not good in cold drinks. Even if you put it in first and add water too it, I don’t find it mixes in properly and creates ‘floaters’ at the bottom of the glass – to be used in hot drinks only IMHO.
  • It’s £19.95 a bottle, which fair enough is for a 2 month supply so on par with stuff from Holland and Barratt, it’s double the price of a month supply of Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins from Boots though.

So in all i think it’s a good product with some positive aspects and would certainly rate it higher than over the counter vitamins. I love that you can stick it in your coffee in the morning. I genuinely believe it’s tasteless, in fact I snuck it into Dave’s coffee one morning and he never noticed (and I promise that’s all I’ve ever drugged him with!) however not sure I saw a drastic enough change to warrant the £20 price tag sadly.

Find out more about Silidyn and how it could benefit you here

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