Kingston Park

Kingston Park metro station is primarily there to service the huge retail retail park; a massive Tesco extra along with other shops such as Next, Marks & Spencer, Matalan, Sports Direct etc not to mention an alternative station handily located near our house. So it stands to reason that with such a massive thoroughfare (and the news that the Newmans had moved into the areas) it was only a matter of time before a pub popped up.


The Rooftop bar is located above Luciano’s Italian restaurant, across the railtracks as you come from the metro station (from either track) and the entrance can be found next door to Greggs. Keeping it classy Kingston Park.

Inside the bar is pretty trendy to be honest, lots of dark wood, leather(ette) seating, high tables and a swanky bar in the middle of the room. For a bar that looks so stylish it’s a nice surprise to see that they have real ale on tap, as well as the usual lagers, wines, prosecco by the mini bottle (winner winner) and actually a pretty extensive cocktail menu. Their range of food comes up top trumps too; their Tuesday night burger offer (any burger and a pint or 175ml glass of wine for £7.95) is yummy and really excellent value, as apparently are their Sunday lunches.


So far so good right? Well don’t let the name fool you, if this were the Rooftop bar in New York or Sydney you’d be expecting some pretty impressive views, however at the Rooftop bar in a semi middle class Newcastle suburb, the view is simply a massive car park. They do also have an outside terrace on the roof however as we visited the first Friday in January we didn’t venture out. I’m sure in the summer though it’s lovely (ish).


The fact the the bar, which almost every seat in the place is pointed towards, is flanked by massive plasma TV screens which, when not showing whatever match is on that day, are always showing Sky Sports News. It turns what could potentially be a really cool, upmarket cocktail bar into a mediocre sports bar. I have absolutely no issue with pubs showing a Newcastle match, we’re a football city after all, but when there’s nothing of interest on, and they’re playing music, turn them off! They also have bouncers on the door on a weekend or match day – which feels wholly unnecessary.

I shouldn’t complain too much however, as well as the Twin Farms in Bank Foot it’s our second local and we visit at least a couple of times a month. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is cool, if a little hit a miss. Tuesday ad Friday nights are nicely busy with a good buzz about them, as are Saturday afternoons if there’s a Newcastle match, however with it being so large and wooden, it can sometimes get a bit rowdy.

All in all it’s not a bad pub, unless you live locally though it’s hard to see why anyone would stop in for a drink. On the other hand I do understand why half an hour in Tesco could drive you to alcoholism.

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