10 of the Best: Backstreet Boys album tracks

‘The Backstreet Boys were so ten years ago. Whatever’ – Paris Hilton

I know this post won’t be for everyone so feel very free to hit the little X in the corner (to be honest if you’ve clicked through it’s already logged on my stats so doesn’t really matter if you continue reading or not!) And the next few weeks are probably going to be a bit Backstreet Boys heavy if i’m honest but in honour of my recent trip to Vegas to see my all time faves I thought i’d have a little chat about my favourite music of the mighty BSB.


If i were on Mastermind my chosen subject would probably be Backstreet Boys album tracks, because for me, although obviously their singles are the stuff pop dreams are made of, they have a history of never releasing their best songs. Sadly for every Everybody, there was an Anywhere for You and for every Larger than Life there was a More Than That.

So here are 10 unreleased songs you may want to give a listen to before you condemn them to a boyband cesspit of white outfits and key changes:

I Wanna Be With You
Album: Backstreet Boys

From the Swedish pop factory run by Max Martin this would have made a brilliant single although imagine it was too similar to We’ve Got it Goin on and they’ll have wanted to get a few ballads out to satisfy the soppy tweenagers who didn’t like the dancy stuff. Still, anything would have been better than Anywhere for You *barf*

That’s The Way I Like It
Album: Backstreet’s Back

Not only is this one of my favourite tracks off this album it’s quite possibly my favourite track of theirs of all time. It’s incredible they had such a solid pop song on such an early album (and there are songs on that album we just don’t talk about *ahem*If You Want it to be Good Girl*ahem*) it always seems to be a fan favourite when they perform it live.

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
Album: Backstreet’s Back

Not a popular song among BSB fans I’ve noticed however I loved the original and I love this reworking (which aside from the title is almost a completely different song) It always makes it’s way onto any summer or BBQ playlists, it’s so chilled out and laid back it’s virtually horizontal. Just a bloody good song, well sung.

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now
Album: Millennium

It’s hard picking a favourite song off Millennium as other than The Perfect Fan, it’s all killer but this one always stood out to me and a really lovely classy mid tempo ballad that Brian’s voice sounds amazing on (and i’m historically less of a fan of the ballads) I’d have rather seen this as a single rather than Show Me the Meaning…. but hey, i’m not a marketing executive am i?!

Get Another Boyfriend
Album: Black & Blue

It was always going to hard to follow up Millennium and Black & Black is probably my least favourite BSB album and in a sea of soppy ballads this really stands out. They were obviously trying to go in a more urban direction and releasing this may have gained them a bit more critical credibility. I also loved dace routine when they performed it life on the B&B tour

Climbing the Walls
Album: Never Gone

Another change in direction with a way more stripped back and acoustic album this song has a way more rockier edge than anything they’ve done before and I think they really pull it off. Let’s face it they couldn’t be singing Boy Will Be Boys forever so it’s nice to hear them sounds a little more grown up, you know, with drums and guitars and stuff!

Something That I Already Know
Album: Unbreakable

Unbreakable is such an underrated album in my eyes, there are loads of good songs on it. I’ve already stated I’ve never been a massive fan of the ballads however being album 6 the ballads were getting less cheese, more class. Their voices have never sounded better (Nick particularly is less whiny) and it’s a real belter of a song

Album: Unbreakable

I love the 60’s vibe, i think they always come into their own when they sound like they’re having fun with a song and this is super fun. It makes me want to dance around like the khakis GAP advert from the 90s and i love the way Brian pronounces ‘bay-bay’

Album: This Is Us

Another underrated album although there are some stinkers on it (PDA for one is total fromage) however i think this is one of the darkest songs they’ve ever done and a total contrast from some of the more lightweight fluffy songs they’ve done in the past. The sexy moody vibe really suits them

Feels Like Home
Album: In A World Like This

This album was definitely a grower for me, on first listen it felt like they’d sucked all the fun out of their music and were taking themselves too seriously again however i have grown to become quite fond of a couple of tracks on it. This is undoubtedly the stand out track for and bucks the trend of over produced album. Yes the lyrics are a little cliched but it’s so feelgood I defy anyone not to smile when listening to it. It’s a shame it’s never been performed live to date, i think it would go down a storm.





  1. March 12, 2017 / 4:43 pm

    Ahhhh bringing back sone greta memories. Love the backstreet boys and my favourite song has to be Everybody!!!

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