Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Matte Lip Crayons

Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman’s make-up kit’ – Monica Bellucci

For a really long time I was frightened of makeup and never really wore that much of it, mostly because I didn’t understand it, or even my own face properly; I didn’t know how to apply it properly and wasn’t really bothered about learning how. Plus I love my freckles and the far too heavy and far too dark foundation I was using in my early 20s just completely obliterated them. I knew I was crap at applying makeup, in fact I was once stopped in John Lewis by a lady on the MAC counter with far too much blue eye shadow on who told me I’d be beautiful if I knew how to do my make up properly – customer service at its best.

Slowly over the years as my face becomes more and more ravished by time I’ve started to learn the benefits of a good solid foundation and some waterproof mascara (I’m one of life’s criers) and with that I’ve also started to embrace bright lipstick. Being blonde and having a bit of an obsession with leopard print, I was always worried about red lipstick – I always felt I looked more Bet Lynch than Gwen Stefani. However having  a play around with the right shades, and going easy on the eye makeup, I’ve finally found the holy grail of lip colour for blondies.


I actually discovered this Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Matte crayons whilst in Las Vegas. I wanted some statement lips for the Backstreet Boys concert I was going to with Meagan and had left my trusty Kate Moss Rimmel at home. I just needed something cheap that would get me through the night. I wasn’t that bothered about having to reapply, I was going to put it on after we’d eaten, and unless my 14 year old dream actually came true and I ended up smooching a Backstreet Boy, there was little need for it to be mega long lasting.

I went for Ember Red as I wanted a real fire engine type colour and at $6 was the cheapest on offer in Walgreens by a mile. And I was super impressed. I actually put it on before we went out for dinner to try it out, and also, I couldn’t be bothered to faff on with it at the concert. I always love lip crayons rather than traditional lipsticks and I find them easier to apply and the colour is more matte.

These glide on perfectly like a lip balm and the colour doesn’t come out really intensely like some lipsticks so you can get the edges sorted before building on the colour. After eating, drinking and chatting for two hours I only needed to reapply once when we got to the show and that was just to intensify the colour more really. For such a bargain it lasted really, really well and was a lovely deep red that didn’t look too tarty.



So impressed was I that I went (almost) straight to Boots when I got home to get a couple more shades (they’re £3.50 in English money, and when I went had a buy one get one half price offer on). I went for Berry Much and Woah Pink (go big or go home right?) and whereas the red is absolutely my favourite, think they both look pretty sassy too. The pink needs a little extra effort as the colour isn’t quite as intense as the others, you need a good few more layers on to get full coverage but it’s a great spring colour once you get there and looks much nicer on that it does on the stick.




Being so cheap they’re not overly big, they’re more handbag sized that full sized crayons, however I only really wear lipstick when I go out so I imagine they’ll last me quite a while. People who wear it every day though may feel a little cheated.


I’m so pleased that Soap and Glory have branched out from Christmas Gift sets into the make up world because everything I have from there has been really good quality at affordable prices and if they can make lipstick good enough for the Backstreet Boys that’s got to be a bonus right?!

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