Millfield, like most stops on this end of the green line was built with the rest of the extension to Sunderland in 2002 and services the town of, you guessed it, Millfield. There’s a couple of pubs you can go to nearby (unlike Pallion next door which is a pub desert!). If you come out of the station from South Hylton and double back on yourself then turn left onto Hylton Road you’ll see the Mountain Daisy almost instantly.


All signs were positive from the outside, the grand building almost looked like it could be a Wetherspoons and honestly what we’d experienced this end of the line, a Wetherspoons would have been most welcome!

We went gingerly inside and were pleased to see there were a good handful of people inside, including some kids. Surely anywhere there’s kids is safe right? So far so good. Until I ordered a glass of white wine and was told by the barmaid ‘We’ve only got pink’. two and a half pints of fosters and a glass of pink wine it was.

The bar is at the front of the pub. To the right is a large room with pool table and dart board. To the left is the Buffet bar , which apparently merits inclusion in the Camra Real Heritage Pub Guide however there was no real ale on offer when we went.

Went went round the back and hung out and played pool. One thing that is concerning about this place is it has had about 4 different owners in as many years and there seems to be public opinion seems to be no one is able to restore it to it’s former glory.  I hope it does get saved because it is a lovely building and with a bit more love and attention to the wine list it could be a half decent place.


Address: 150 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR4 7NX
Phone: 0191 510 8377

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