Whitley Bay

In 1882 the North Eastern Railway (NER) opened a coastal route from Tynemouth to Monkseaton which replaced the inland Blyth and Tyne route, and a new station (simply called ‘Whitley’). The ‘bay’ was added in 1899 and was popular with people in the surrounding area for travelling into Newcastle. Back then of course Whitley Bay was quite a popular holiday destination believe it or not so a railway station was essential. Historian Nikolaus Pevsner later said of the station building (which is now Grade II listed) that it ‘lends some distinction to an undistinguished neighbourhood’. Charming Nick, charming.


Stations like Whitley Bay are a dream in terms of the Wine and Beer Metro. Not only is the pub right in the station but it’s also a really, really good one. So it makes my job really easy!

Olives at the Station is part cafe, part bistro part pub. The last two times i’ve visited there has been private parties on (Saturday afternoons) however were still welcome to pull up a seat at the bar and have a few drinks (two large glasses of white wine comes in at just over a tenner). It’s really bright and spacious inside with minimalistic wooden tables and a large beer garden out the back.

Ordinarily I’d be wary of a pub that has it’s beer garden extending out into the metro station, after all, it could be the nicest metro station in the world but you’re still having a drink in a metro station after all. However they large bamboo style fencing around the outside area means other than the gentle hum of the trains going past every ten minutes, you wouldn’t know you were in a train station at all. If you’re really lucky there might be some live music on as well to add to the atmosphere.

Olives is relatively new in terms of pubs along the metro line and I really hope they stick around because they’re a brilliant addition to the coastal route – apparently their eggs benedict are pretty legendary too!


Whitley Bay Metro Station Station Square, Whitley Bay NE26 2QT
0191 447 1313

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