Like most of the older stations on the metro line, Cullercoats was originally park of the Blyth and Tyne Railway and the station was located much further inland than where it now stands.  It was moved to its current location in 1882 where most of the original features still remain to this day and has been part of the metro network since the very first day of service on 11 August 1980.

If you leave the metro station main doors and follow signs towards the sea front you will come to Beverley Terrace which runs right along coast. If you turn left at that roundabout and walk for a couple of minute you will come to one of many pubs in Cullercoats; The Queens Head.


As you enter through the main doors (weaving through the outside benches which is a huge draw to sea front pubs) you can either turn right to go to the bar area or left to the restaurant /lounge. We weren’t eating on this occasion so left into the bar it was. Despite being tea time on a Saturday afternoon it was reasonably quiet. The décor is definitely shabby rather than chiq, and doesn’t really look like it’s seen a lick on paint since the early 70’s.


We ordered two glasses of the usual (medium sauvignon blanc) and perched at a table with a small window which gave lovely views of the coastline. There was however, nothing in the way of real ale (apart from John Smiths) and the lager options seemed to be Carling or Fosters.


One thing that will always start a conversation (with varying degrees of success) in a semi empty bar are when you start taking pictures. Some people love it and some people get quite uncomfortable. Thankfully on this visit it was the former as the group of session drinkers in the corner were well up for getting in front of the camera! This makes my job a million times easier and always makes for some good pub banter.


If I were basing this review solely on the bar, I would say there are probably much better pubs in the area that are worth the walk however if you’ve just endured a long coastal walk and need some hearty grub I hear their steak night and Fish & Chips are somewhat legendary and may just be their saving grace. On a nice sunny day there could be worse places to spend a few hours than in their beer garden.


6 Front Street, Cullercoats NE30 4QB, England
Tel: 0191 253 7052

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