What I Wore – Christmas 2017

‘The older I get, I guess I wear less sparkles’ – Blake Lively

There was a time in my life, long ago as is may seem, where I used to go out every Friday night without fail, however now i’m well into my 30s I’ve very much swapped rolling out of Blu Bamboo at 2am and lime bacardi breezers for Netflix and red wine. That is of course apart from December, where all bets are off and all the festive celebrations are in full swing. I probably go out in December more than the rest of the year combined and finding stuff to wear has always been the bain of my life.

Luckily 2017 was a little different as I changed jobs in October which meant i could re-wear a lot of my previous party outfits, in fact the only thing i bought new was a Christmas jumper from Tesco!

So here’s a run down of my Xmas 2017 wardrobe:

Girls’ night out – Friday 1st December, Destiny’s Child Tribute at Wylam Brewery 


I really struggled with what to wear for this as I knew i’d be dancing all night and wanted to be comfortable. Tempting as it was to throw on the trusted ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo, this was essentially one massive hen do of a night and all my friends were wearing dresses, and i suffer from severe FOMO. As it happened this dress was super comfy and even though i had to swap shoes with Steph at the beginning of the night because hers ripped her big toe to shreds,  still managed to dance the night away!

Work night out number 1 – Thursday 6th December, dinner at Miller &Carter followed by drinks


This was the big work night out so if I was going to buy something new for a night out it would be this one. How funny then that this skirt and top are probably the two oldest items in my wardrobe. The black satin skirt i got in Primark for New Years Eve 2010 and the white blouse (Oasis) i got in 2009 when I followed a girl into the toilets in Chase to ask her where she got hers from.

Girls day out – Saturday 9th December, Bottomless prosecco at No28


I was lucky to be invited back to No28 to update my review of their bottomless prosecco deal and seeing as it was officially the coldest day on record anywhere on earth ever I thought I’d go semi festive. I cannot even describe how much this jumper is up my street and only £6.99 to boot (from H&M) position for favourite Christmas jumper now filled.

Work night out number 2 – Thursday 14th December, dinner and drinks in Eastbourne


I was pleased this do was a bit more low key as i didn’t fancy dragging my sequined Kate Spade number all the way down fro Newcastle to Eastbourne and you can never fail with the ‘jeans and a nice top’ approach (or JNT as it will now be known – it’s a fashion rule my friend Carrie & I live our lives by!) The jeans are my faithful Rosie jeggings from Matalan which I have in every colour and the top is from River Island. On this occasion I was thankful for the Premier Inn in Eastbourne who found me a safety pin to fix the top to mt bra otherwise my new team would have gotten an eyeful of my beestings.

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 15th December


I was embarking on the 6 hour journey home on Christmas jumper day so wasn;t able to take part in the annual works photo but I was still repping from my seat. It was Steph who brought this jumper to my attention, which is from Tesco, knowing my love for Dachshunds. And Sequins. And Christmas. And Jumpers.

Christmas Day – Sunday 25th December

I said last year that gone are the days when i would be bothered about my Christmas Day outfit – which to be honest was always just a JNT affair anyway. These days i’m all about the novelty t-shirt and the stretchy expandable jeans for my burgeoning tummy. This t-shirt I got from Primark a few years ago – i think t’s actually a mans, but is super comfy and hides all the pre christmas lumps and bumps I acquire during December



  1. Sam | North East Family Fun Blog
    January 3, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Love them all but my fave is your Miller and Carter outfit 🙂

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