What I Wore – January 2018

‘You don’t need really expensive clothes to look cute’ – Christy Romano

So it’s no word of a lie that since I lost a bit of weight on Weight Watchers (albeit 10 years ago but i’m pretty much manage to keep all 3 stone of it off) it made me become a massive, massive clothes horse. I’ve always loved clothes but when I was bigger, shopping was not a fun experience for me, jeans and trouser shopping was particularly hellish and more often than not I would come home in tears because nothing fit.

Now that I’m slimmer, shopping is a joy again and I can spend hours (and I mean hours – just ask Steph!) trawling through sale rails or charity shops. I’m not the kind of girl who could ever have a capsule wardrobe – I change my mind too much and I like to have choice. I love a bargain and take pride in what I wear so since I was getting asked regularly where my clothes were from on Insta, I created #NewmansCloset and tagged were I get my togs from.

Another seemingly popular series of mine is when I do my seasonal ‘What I Wore’ posts on the blog where I run down what I stepped out in over December/Christmas/New Year seeing as that’s when I tend to go out the most. So I thought, since people seem to like it, I would extend that serious to a monthly run down of what’s been featured on #NewmansCloset for anyone who may have missed it:

So I give you, January:

Conference with work:

IMG_20180111_204850_588Dress & cardigan both George @ Asda

Being honoured to model the gorgeous Missuswolf’s new clothing line:

IMG_20180112_172124_187Jumper by Missuswolf, jeans: Matalan

New jumper from the January sales hanging out in a lift in Eastbourne:

img_20180117_095902_0111316630678.jpgJumper: Next

Out for dinner for my mum’s birthday:

img_20180120_095000_6321295228254.jpgJumper/shirt combo: GAP, necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Meetings in London:

img_20180124_223730_117904558384.jpgJumper: F&F at Tesco, jeans: Matalan

Lauryn Hill at Wylam Brewery (with the gorgeous Anna who puts me to shame style wise):

20180126_215039_0041596092966.jpgT-shirt: Amazon (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers), jeans: Matalan, blazer: Rise


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