How to humidity proof your hair on holiday

Once upon a time, not so long ago I was obsessed OBSESSED with my hair and how it looked, not being happy unless it was absolutely pa pa pa poker straight. Problem is, it’s got an annoying natural wave to it that’s not one thing or another. And even with straightening, as soon as the humidity gets to it, it’s fizz bomb city. So I’m always trying to find out how to humidity proof your hair on holiday.

photogrid_15187154126041991045571.jpgMake no mistake; 2005 was the year of the layer…

As I embark on my mid (ahem) 30s where I’m in bed by 11pm most weekends and hangovers last 2 days, I’ve started to realise that sleep is more important to me than faffing on with my hair, so last year I decided to embrace my natural waves thus giving me and extra half an hour in bed every morning.

Not only does my hair have a natural kink but it’s also incredibly fine (and not in a damn girl your hair be fiiiiine) kind of way. In an uncomfortable frizzy humidity hating nest bomb. Don’t let the Scandinavian looks fool you.

On a recent holiday to Thailand I knew I had to beat the humidity before I let the humidity beat me as I didn’t want to spend the whole 2 weeks with my hair in a migraine inducing topknot and refusing to have my picture taken. So with a bit of help I managed these (almost) perfect beachy waves

with a little help from some friends:

Using the right products


It’s hard finding anti frizzy products that don’t leave your hair looking too greasy. Tresemme is a brand I usually stay away from because they use a lot of silicon and the last think I needs is a plastic coating on my locks. But desperate times and all that. This shampoo and conditioner has keratin in which science boffins say is good for keeping hair smooth. And from what I could tell it worked well. My hair felt nice and soft afterwards.


I’m a massive Superdrug fan, way more so that Boots and their own brand products are amazing. This Style Expertise Anti Frizz Serum is infinitely better than frizzease and is a fraction of the price. It smooths my kisscurls down without being too greasy.

Also from Superdrug us their Texturising Curl Creme which is isn’t quite up there with salt spray which is what I usually use at home but the sun dries my hair out enough without needing extra salt so this is a more nourishing compromise!

Braids braids braids!


It’s a trick as old as time but it saved me on this holiday for sure. Normally Ang is my personal hair braider but until I’m rich and famous I can’t afford to fly her away with me so have to make do myself. I would shower every morning (only washing every other day) and add 2 pumps of serum and a or a sized amount of curl cream then braid my hair into bunches while still wet.

I prefer a french braid style so the curl starts further up but they’re quite fiddly so just normal braided bunches work just as well. They don’t have to be perfect either, in fact the messier they are the more natural the curl will be. Plus it keeps your hair out your face during the day when it’s hot!

My top top is not to let the braids get bone dry otherwise they will end up looking frizzy. Like this:


A quick dip in the pool or dampen them again in the shower before you get ready so they’re damp but not soaking will make the curl much more defined.

Don’t wash every day

It’s a hard habit to break as I wash my hair every day at home but humidity loves freshly washed hair so if you can avoid doing so the better. If you’re looking for the beachy waves look then curls are more likely to hold the second day anyway. You can always resort to some dry shampoo on your roots if you’re worried about them looking too greasy!

Now, i know that not everyone has the same ‘not one/not the other’ frizzy mop as me so I asked some friends what works for them:

My hair crush Sam from North East Family Fun said:

My hair is super thick and actually always improves on holiday. I can get away with washing my hair every 2-3 days at home but because of the heat it needs to be daily on holiday. I don’t use any product at all and my hair ends up a lot softer and less flyaway. This is my hair after a ‘wash and go’ job after doing zero to it in Cuba. It would not look like this at home – it would be double the size!

Queen Pixie from Fashion Voyeur is all aboard the braid train too:

I live in braids on vacation! I start with dry hair then in my hand I mix regular conditioner with Kerastase Sun Protective CC Cream & rub it through my hair. Not loads & loads but enough to stop the flyaways from flicking up. Then I French braid it back & let it set – job done. If you are using heat to dry it then I use Anian Liquid Keratin Spray (available in European supermarkets but not the UK) if I’m in Europe, or if I’m in the States I use Infusium 23 liquid which is super cheap in Walmart & Target.

And gorgeous Alexis from Newcastle Sparkles gets her luscious tresses as thus:


My hair is naturally really wavy so when on holiday I tend to put it in low bunches during the day and use an intense conditioner when washing it. I then allow it to air dry – and embrace the waves!

What are your top tips for keeping your hair looking tip top in the sun…?

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  1. newgirlintoon
    March 17, 2018 / 6:37 pm

    Our hair is the same … mine is SO frizzy it drives me mad! I just can’t control it, I can get it to look kinda OK ish when I leave the house but by the time I get to work in the morning it’s all over the place, it’s very very unfair! I live for haircut days when I get at least 4 days of good hair .. I dread washing it again and losing the professional do, it’s the only time I’m frizz free!

    I got some of that Superdrug anti frizz stuff on your recommendation and it is really good, I’m using it every wash now!

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