What I wore – March 2018

‘Everywhere I go, I buy something. I probably have an issue with shopping’ – Jonathan Anderson

After the beast from the east made an unwelcome visit at the end of February it looked for a moment there that spring may finally be springing. I was all set to get my flip flops and cropped jeans out from the deep dark depths of the bottom of my wardrobe; you know where the classic per una crochet poncho I just can’t bear to throw out also lives (girls of a certain age will know exactly what I’m talking about).

Sadly though weather wise March has been just a little bit meh. Although there were strong rumours that a large yellow fireball was stopped in the sky towards the end of the month so I’ve high hopes for April!

Anyway, here’s the hodge podge of outfits that appears on #NewmansCloset last month

Presentation for work & International Woman’s Day:

img_20180308_112751_4951078434912.jpgTop: Vero Moda, Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Primark

Dinner & Drinks for Dave’s birthday in Durham:

img_20180316_192220_1982058462392.jpgTop: Florence & Fred, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Carrie’s birthday @ Bongos Bingo:

img_20180329_091443_319935851672.jpgTop: Everything5Pounds, Jeans and Necklace: Matalan

Carrie’s Disney fancy dress party:

img_20180324_212601_170127004977.jpgDonald Duck outfit (because who doesn’t love a pair of furry shorts?!): eBay

Dinner & drinks for our 5th wedding anniversary @ The French Quarter:

img_20180330_231855_834927972578.jpgCardigan and vest: George @ Asda, skirt: Everything5Pounds, Shoes: Primark

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