Modelling with Belle Bridal Magazine

‘The outfits come and go but there is a constant that I like about the catwalk model: the snotty expression’ – Arthur Smith

Since starting this blog there are many things that I never dreamed would happen; I never thought I would get posted lovely beauty products to try out for free, I never imagined the local newspaper would run a double page spread on me, I never dreamed my favourite rapper would ask me to become his PA and social media manager and I never, ever, ever believed I would be asked to walk in a catwalk show.

The Northern Wedding Jam is run by Belle Bridal Magazine and set up shop this year at one of my favourite venues in the North East; The Biscuit Factory. Instead of just hiring models to show off some of the most bespoke wedding dresses the region has to offer they decided to ask local bloggers to take part instead 1. Because we’re all a narcissistic bunch and love a bit of attention and 2. Because not all brides are a size 6 and it’s nice to see real women front and centre for a change. Being a lover of getting all dolled up and swanning around in a pretty dress, I was absolutely honoured to be asked and could think of nowhere else I’d rather spend a few hours on a Sunday.

I’ll admit waking up that morning I was suddenly a little nervous however I was dragging Ang along with me to take some back stage pictures and I’m yet to meet another North East Blogger who was anything but lovely so within 5 minutes in a room together, myself, Chloe, Helenlee and Sarah were getting on like a house on fire.

It was so lovely getting our hair and makeup done whilst trying on all the gorgeous dresses that we were to be modelling. Considering the short space of time Lisa Jones Hair and Make Up had to get the 4 of us catwalk ready they did an absolutely stellar job creating 4 completely unique looks that suited our ow styles and personalities.


Once the show started it flew over in an absolute flash, we all had 4 dresses each and only had the time it took each other to walk on stage to change into the next dress with the lovely Luke acting as a male buffer among the frantic mix of satin and sequins flying around backstage. The outfit changes were frantic and I saw more nipples than an episode of Game of Thrones but it was so much fun and all the wedding dress clients were on hand helping us get in and out of the gowns so there was a really sense of all hands on deck.

Whilst I was suffering from shaky legs the first time I stepped on stage and worried I would be faced with a sea of stony faces or even worse, people thinking I looked like an overstuffed sausage wrapped in lace. But everyone was so supportive and encouraging my confidence grew after each walk I did. But the time we were modelling the last dresses – some stunning vintage gowns from Bex Bridal in Darlington we were all starting to feel like fully fledged models.

Being asked to take part in the show is definitely someone of a dream come true for me – what girl hasn’t strutted across her bedroom pretending to be Kate Moss or that she’s collecting her first Grammy (maybe that’s just me?!) at one time in her life?

These days I probably turn down more stuff that I say yes to when it comes to the blog; because I also have a fulltime job and my weekends are precious. I was at a party the night before the show (dressed as Donald Duck no less) so I could have quite happily sat on the sofa eating packet after packet of frazzles that Sunday but I can (and most probably will) do that any other Sunday. But it’s not every day you get to have such a cool experience, something off your bucket list all while making some genuine friends along the way.

I even managed to squeeze in a bag of frazzles and a mini Criminal Minds marathon afterwards as well!

Huge thanks to Gemma from Gemma’s Little World for letting me use some of her pictures!

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  1. newgirlintoon
    April 11, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    OMG you all really do look fabulous! What an amazing experience!

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