Fairy Season Haul – Summer 2018

‘Friends give me a hard time about the pants I’m wearing, which are made in China. Well, how do you find the right clothes? Good luck doing the right thing all the time’ – Adam McKay

You would think that after I dabbled in the world of ordering clothes from China back in 2013 that I would have learnt my lesson. However I’m still a sucker for bargainous fashion no matter which corner of the globe it comes from. And now stylish instagram targeted marketing has been thrown into the mix, I folded like a piece of paper. The chinese ebay haul all started with a yellow blazer so it would stand to reason that the Fairy Season haul would start somewhere too. On this occasion it was a grey vest with the slogan ‘drinks well with others’ on the front which had been filling my suggested insta accounts for weeks.

If you’ve spent even 5 minutes reading this blog in the past you’d know that that slogan is very probably something I would will have on my tombstone. Throw into the mix that I got 5% cashback through Top Cashback (my new obsession – stay tuned for more info on that) it would be silly, nay criminal to not place an order. And while you’re paying shipping you pay as well get a couple of things right?

Learning what I did from last time, I was very wary of sizes despite what the website and reviews seemed to say so instead of ordering my normal size of a medium i went for a large instead, working on the basis that you can still wear things if they’re slightly too big but if it’s too small it’s going straight to the charity shop. I mean what else am i supposed to do? Lose weight? As if.

I wanted to spend around £20-£30 and ended up ordering 3 things:

This cactus print top was another that had been all over my instagram along with the grey vest and I loved the look of it paired with some denim shorts. The woman in the picture is blonde and I’m blonde she’s wearing denim shorts and I have denim shorts surely this shirt will look exactly the same on her as it does on me?! Not quite because I’m not an amazonian waif but I still really like it. If anything it;s a little on the big side and I had to take it in slightly under the arms, which is often the case for me with halter tops. You know that Kanye lyric ‘she got an ass that could swallow up a g-string, and up top, two bee stings’ that was written about me. Fact. I wore the cactus top on holiday when i was cavorting with Carrie in Sagres.

Next was the thing I was umming and ahhing about as I looked for something to pad out the order with. As well a drinking I also love to travel so thought this grey t-shirt was really cute and as far as slogans go was one I would be happy to wear on casual weekends or dress down days for work. And light grey is a great colour on me as an alternative to black or white, both of which wash me out. Fit wise it’s a bit odd, it’s a large as are the others and a slightly boxy shape which I don’t mind at all. It’s the arms that are weird, they’re awfully tight and make the shirt gather under your armpits. That’s probably a little nit picky however as it’s perfectly wearable and a nice cotton feel material.

Sadly, in the words of Tin Tin Out (who?) here’s where the story ends. As the perfect vest that I had planned to be buried in was the worse of the bunch in both quality and fit. Instead of the thin cotton distressed type material I was expecting it’s a think viscose stretchy gym type affair and a size large would fit an average sized elephant. It’s too big, the arm holes go way too low no matter how good your bra looks and the stretchy material is unflattering. That top was a fail.
So would I order from Fairy Season again? Yes I think I would and I would trust the sizes more. I would be interested to see how much better the clothes fit in a size down and it’s so cheap that you’re not really losing much. It’s definitely better quality than the cheap rubbish you see in ebay and way more true to size.

Perhaps though all things considered it’s better to stick to Primark where at least you can try things on!

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