Review: Rip It Up

‘I love watching live shows from different artists from different stages of their lives. I’m always interested in the mastery of the live performance’ – Stjepan Hauser

When I first saw the posters for Rip it Up – The Show on the metro I thought that he trio of Louis Smith (MBE), Harry Judd and Aston Merrygold was three of the most random people you could throw together on a stage and that times must be tough in the gynmastic/McFly/JLS worlds. It wasn’t until my ever clever mum (and date for the evening) pointed out they’d all been on Strictly recently. That made much more sense. I always get there eventually but sometimes it’s a long walk.


Anyway, when I got the opportunity to review the show I knew there was only one person I could take who would give it the justice it deserved and counter balance the snarky, roll of eyes, too cool for school attitude I walked into the Sage with. If anyone was going to make me behave myself in front of 3 C list celebs it was going to be my Mum.

What did we both think of the show? How much did Mama Weathers enjoy being front row and how did I react when Louis Smith (MBE) fake proposed to me?  Read the full review on

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