What I wore – September 2018

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer’ – Helen Hunt Jackson

When I was fat I hated summer. I got terrible chub rub and couldn’t wear anything other than white or black due to my teenage hormonal excessive sweating ( I was a catch as a teenager!)

Now I live for summer. Not only does it to wonders for my adult acne ridden skin (i’m as much of a catch as an adult!) But it also does wonders for my mental health as being in the sunshine just makes me so bloody happy. Needless to say depending on the way the weather turns, September can be a depressing month for me. This year almost as soon as August bank holiday was over, Autumn was turned on. No bueno for Mrs Newman. Vest tops I’d been wearing for work are now back in the box under the bed and here we are hurtling towards baggy jumper season.
Lucky for us we had a holiday to the South of France at the end of September to try and hang on to the last days of summer and get my freckles out one last time.

Day in the office/Pizza punks launch night:

Dress – Fearne Cotton for Very. Jeans – F&F, T-shirt- Fairy Season, shirt – Primark

Presenting at a meeting on London:

Shoes – Primark, trousers – F&F, blouse – Fovever 21

A selection of outfits from Nice:

L-r: print dress – Zara, khaki dress – New Look, what- F&F, sandals – havaianas, denim shorts – F&F, vest – Primark, black top – Dorothy Perkins

Stay tuned next month where I’ll be miserable as sin wearing the same skinny jeans and baggy jumper all month. Although there night be a Halloween costume to look forward to!

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