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‘Facial masks are my savior, as it helps to brighten and hydrate my skin’ – Park Shin-hye

*my facial from Becx Beauty was complimentary , however all other treatments I paid for myself*

When it comes to my beauty regime it’s pretty much none existent these days. Partly because we’ve had a great summer, I’ve had a tanned face and therefore haven’t had to wear any foundation for about six months now, and partly because I’m a lazy mofo and can never be bothered to take my make up off properly – hello adult acne!

I do have a modicum of self-respect though and a few things I do do religiously are keeping my eyebrows and nails in tip top condition at the very least (but more on that later). I know I really should look after my skin more but when I’m stumbling in at midnight after a night on the wine, it’s the last thing on my priority list.

It also doesn’t help that the over the last two years I’ve taken part in the Great North Run (GNR), the training for which has left my skin grey, dry and salty from all the sweat. I was thrilled when my blogging mate Becca told me she’d started up her own mobile beauty business and asked if she could do me a facial on the house in return for letting our other blogging mate Marion take some professional pictures. So the day after the GNR she came round and gave my tired skin some much needed TLC.


Despite being newly qualified, Becca (trading under Becx Beauty) has all the gear and what’s even better, you don’t even have to get changed out of your comfies – she will perform all her services (so to speak) in the comfort of your own home. I was treated to a full luxury facial (usually £50) which included cleanse, tone, steam with hot mitts (heavily) exfoliate, blackhead/pimple extraction, face head and shoulder massage, face mask and moisturiser.

I don’t get facials very often and when I do it’s often in the middle of Debenhams or Fenwicks, which aren’t the most relaxing of atmospheres – so being able to relax properly in my own home (Becca even brings her own soothing music) was a real treat. Plus with her professional equipment, ethical products and (mostly importantly) sturdy massage table, you really get the sense of being in a spa without having to cross your front door.

After six months of half marathon training my skin looked so much better after the treatment and I even got some compliments when I went back to work the next day.

In fact, I was so impressed that I called Becca back a few weeks later and asked her to give me a mini pre-holiday pamper before we jetted off to Nice for a week at the end of September.  She came round once again armed with her box of tricks for an eyebrow shape and tint (£15) and gel nail manicure (£20).

I’ll let the results speak for themselves, but needless to say I was more than happy:

In terms of longevity, the shape and tint lasted long after my holiday was over. I have very fair eyebrows and probably spend quite a bit on decent eyebrow pencils throughout the year, pencils which I will invariably forget when I travel to Eastbourne once a month, so have to run to Superdrug to rebuy. Having them tinted takes all that hassle away and Becca tinted them gradually to get the right shade, so as to get the perfect ratio for my blonde hair. Suffice to say, at time of writing it is over two weeks since they were tinted and are showing no sign of needing topping up yet.


Where my nails are concerned, I must confess I’m a frequent flier, and what places like Hollywood Nails in Newcastle may offer in price and speed, certainly lack in care and attention for your nails. The last set I had put on ruined my nails and the way they remove gels by essentially filing off the top layer of skin off your nail, wasn’t rocking my socks anymore. Becca did a fab job with her vegan/cruelty free polishes and whilst they didn’t last as long as when I’ve had them welded on before (they all peeled off at just under the two week mark), they have left my nails in fantastic condition, so would have no reservations having them done again.

Finding a hairdresser or beautician that you like and trust is like finding that perfect capsule black blazer or dress that makes you look skinny no matter what you’ve eaten – once you have it, you don’t ever want to lose it, and I have a feeling Becca may want to consider moving in next door to me soon to save her the petrol money driving over every two weeks!

You can see the full range of treatments including make up and tanning over at

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*the photos of the facials were taken by the super talented Marion Botella Photography

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  1. Samantha Rickelton
    November 7, 2018 / 9:33 am

    This sounds fab Helen – I love your brows and how they look high-end but didn’t actually cost a lot 🙂

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