What I wore – October & November 2018

‘I have to say, I love the summer, but I don’t love summer clothes to the degree I love fall clothes’ – Nick Wooster

Despite trying to do these roundups once a month, other things have taken over recently and I’m trying desperately to have at least a semblance of order and structure to my life; so trying to only post a few times a week maximum.

I feel I’ve had a successful couple of months clothes wise and for a few different reasons.  Firstly, I decided to stop piss-farting around with my diet and knuckle down to eating sensibly and exercising regularly. As a result, I’ve shifted a few pounds and my clothes have started fitting better again. More importantly, though I took part in #nospendoctober this year and it’s made a huge difference.

I tried it last year but after unexpectedly getting a promotion at work, I decided I needed a brand new wardrobe so fell off the wagon on day 5. I was determined to stick to it this year though. The idea is simple; no unnecessary spending in October so for me that means no buying any new clothes. It comes at the perfect time of year as the seasons are changing and you’re rediscovering all your autumn chunky knits that you loved so much last year. It also forced me to start re-wearing stuff I haven’t worn in ages. I have wardrobes packed full of stuff that I’ve only worn a few times but because I can’t be bothered to have a stroppy trying on session, it’s easier to just buy something new before I go out.

I would go so far as to say I’ve had an epiphany and it’s made me seriously reconsider how much I spend on clothes, how much I actually need and to reminded me that actually, no one really gives a nick what you wear other than you.  Did I stick to it all month? Short answer is no. I got confused when pay day came around on 29th October and bought a jumpsuit in the F&F sale. So #nospendOctober became #spend£12October. Which for me, is still a massive achievement.

Rolling through November I had one little spree in the local Cancer Research charity shop (spending a total of £13) and bought a new pair of jeans, a top in the sale and some much needed new sprout pouches from Matalan (£29). And that’s it.

I’ve got a lot coming up on 2019; celebrations for Dave’s 40th in March, a bucketlist trip to Western Canada in September and, most importantly, stalking the Backstreet Boys on tour in June so finally learning how to reign in my spending couldn’t come at a better time.

Here’s the lowdown for October & November:

Work vs night out:

Screenshot_20181030-221821_Instagram.jpgJumper shirt combo – F&F, jeans – Matalan. White t-shirt and blazer – Primark, necklace – New Look

Rehashing all my ancient clothes for work for #nospendOctober:

Screenshot_20181030-221639_Instagram.jpgTop – Dorothy Perkins, trousers – F&F

Working in Eastbourne:

Screenshot_20181030-221744_Instagram.jpgClockwise from top left: trousers – F&F, green top – Primark, coat – F&F, loafers – Primark, patterned top – Oasis, 2x Matchbox Twenty tour tees from eBay

Night out with Dave at the Shilling:

Screenshot_20181030-221804_Instagram.jpgTop – River Island, skirt – H&M, trainers – Primark


20181027_200112Everything from eBay, make up from Tesco

Halloween at work:

IMG_20181031_110048_1552017 vs 2018 – t-shirt – Next, cardigan – George @ Asda

Dress down friday at work:

20181102_155859T-shirt – FlyArt, jeans – F&F, trainers – Primark

Night away in London:

IMG_20181109_080243_001Jeans – F&F, grey top – Next, coat – F&F, scarf – Vinted, green top – Warehouse, pink jumper – Warehouse, trainers – Primark

Working in Eastbourne:

Screenshot_20181202-191050_Instagram.jpgTrousers – F&F, Red blouse – Matalan, pink blouse – Dorothy Perkins, patterned top – Matalan, ballet pumps – Peacocks, boots – Primark

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