Bongos Bingo with 5ive – The Return!

‘If I’m really feeling the need to do some exercise, I’ll go out with my best girls and dance the night away’ – Sasha Jackson

*Our tickets were complimentary in return for a review*

I first experienced the phenomenon that is Bongos Bingo (without 5ive) in March when we went for Carrie’s birthday and it was the best. night, ever. It was a relatively unknown thing back then (i’d never heard of it before we got tickets) but since then it seems to have taken residency in The Boilershop in Newcastle and is showing no signs of stopping.

Since we went in March they’ve made a few changes, namely the introductions of music guests. They’ve had the Vegsboys, Cascada and, luckily for us when we went last weekend; 5ive (well, 3 of them anyway). The best night ever just got even better.

For those who haven’t been yet let’s re-e-wind. Bongos Bingo is like a hen night on steroids. Everyone is seated on long benches, dancing upon which is highly encouraged. Dj Micky Pickles and his trusty sidekicks take you hilariously through the games where you’ve the chance of winning anything from a box of coco pops, or a cardboard cut out out of Philip Schofield to a karaoke machine or the grand prize of £1200. You play 5 games in total with breaks of about 15 minutes in between to get refreshed.

Being the beginning of December it was great to go back and kick of our month long Christmas celebrations and the addition of some Christmas tunes was 100% welcome. And who knew I could still remember all the words to Give Me Joy in my Heart after half a bottle of prosecco and 3 cans of cider? I amaze myself sometimes, I really do!

The addition of 5ive 3hree was brilliant too (they came on stage at about 11.15 after the games had finished and did a set of about 30 minutes). The four of us had an absolutely brilliant night having danced and sang pretty much all night long, we were well ready for our trip to the 24 hour Greggs afterwards and I had a sore arse cheek the next day from getting up and down from the benches all night – the sign of a good time if ever there was one!

I can’t wait to go back in February when I get to take my squad to see Blazin Squad! There’s also some extra special valentines day shows on sale too so make sure you get booked up!

Newcastle Bongo\'s Bingo - Feb 2019 dates.jpg

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